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Early Days

     The Wizard101 Wiki started inconspicuously on Wikia in August 2008. Like many wikis, the founder was inactive so it sat for months with very little content. Potroast42 joined the site on November 21, 2008 and as such is the longest contributor to the modern Wizard101 Wiki, At that point, the entire wiki was only 250 pages, and had no leadership or organization. Potroast42 did what he could, despite having no previous wiki experience and just a love of helping out with large projects.

     The modern Wizard101 Wiki really got started on January 19, 2009, when Jaycee27 and Meritico took over the bureaucrat position from the inactive site founder. That day, the number of pages on the wiki skyrocketed. They established consistent formatting on the site which was the precursor to many of the templates that we use on the wiki today. Not long after, LarikD joined the site and due to extensive previous experience became an administrator on February 2, 2009. LarikD created the original Level Chart, Experience chart, Badges table, and spell tables for each school, all of which are still part of the site today. On February 15, 2009, Potroast42 was promoted to a rollback user, which allowed him to effectively prevent spam on the site and 4 days later, he was promoted to an administrator.

Major Growth

     By March 2009, the site had passed 1,000 pages, a huge accomplishment for any wiki, but at the rate the site was growing it wouldn’t stay there for long. Progress continued as more major contributors joined the site. On May 15, 2009, RCWizard joined the wiki and just 4 days later, ColinRainbowRider joined the wiki as well. Both quickly progressed to the position of administrator in late June. RCWizard was the first administrator to start checking every edit for validity and always showed extreme concern for consistency between pages. ColinRainbowRider contributed more content than anyone else at the time, racking up over 7,000 edits in just a single summer. That summer, the wiki showed explosive growth and more than doubling in size over 4 months, reaching just over 4,000 total pages by September 2009. Also during this time, ColinRainbowRider conceived the predecessor to today’s extremely detailed category system, which at the time was entirely manually entered. Thousands of individual category pages were created by RCWizard and ColinRainbowRider to sort the growing amount of content on the wiki.

     Following this, ColinRainbowRider mysteriously vanished and RCWizard was the primary site administrator until around February of 2010, when Potroast42 was able to come back and put in a significantly larger amount of time. During this time, RCWizard created the first modern template for the wiki, the ItemInfobox, which was coded primarily using parser functions. These automated templates now allow users to simply enter the basic information for any page and not have to code in formatting, categories, or most links. This freed up time for the administrators to work on other projects and are the only way our site is able to have the thousands of categories that it has today. Growth continued steadily until July 2010, at which point the site had 6,000 articles.

New Blood

     Starting in July 2010, the site started a renewed burst of activity as EnlightenedShadow and ErinEmeraldflame joined the site as active contributors. EnlightenedShadow had recently discovered the game and had a big interest in contributing to the wiki and learning to code more due to a broad interest in computers. EnlightenedShadow quickly became an administrator on the site and started working on getting more Infobox templates set up. ErinEmeraldflame had been watching and using the site anonymously since January 2010 and decided to start contributing in July. Erin's contributions quickly amounted to a thousand edits per week and it wasn’t long before ErinEmeraldflame joined the site as an administrator as well. Both of them quickly joined other top contributors to the site where EnlightenedShadow focused on making new templates, increasing page consistency, and standardizing images and animations while ErinEmeraldflame focused on improving content, figuring out the advanced pets update, and monitoring edits for validity. In August 2010, Nebrie (Ellie Sky) joined the site and made huge contributions to many pages, but especially Housing and Item pages, before being promoted to administrator in the early Fall.

     Within a couple months (Fall 2010), the site was approaching 7,500 pages and was approaching a new level of completeness with regards to game content. Templates had been designed and implemented for many pages and the site was steadily growing and improving. Sadly, the company which hosted the wiki (Wikia) was making major modifications to the display and navigation properties of all of the wikis it included. These changes were mandatory and the company would not respond to problems the new set up caused, which was unfortunate because it severely damaged the display and navigability of most of the wiki and deleted thousands of hours of work that had been collectively put into the site. With no assistance to fix or deal with these problems, and only a few weeks of advance notice before their implementation, the admins (Potroast42, EnlightenedShadow, and ErinEmeraldflame) were very worried about the future of the site. We started a discussion on the site and the active members voted unanimously to consider moving the site to a new location.

Wizard101 Central

     Amazingly, Potroast42 was contacted by Jester of Wizard101 Central about hosting a wiki on Wizard101 Central around that time. Given the desire of the community to move the site and the upcoming changes it was decided to move the wiki to Wizard101 Central and form the modern Wizard101 Central Wiki. Within a very short amount of time, EnlightenedShadow and Potroast42 worked with Jester and designed and setup the new wiki with many new features to benefit the site. ErinEmeraldflame, the returned RCWizard, with significant help from Katherine Deathpants, PunkyMax, and Little Wolf, moved over 7,500 pages to the new wiki with EnlightenedShadow and Potroast42. Because the previous company altered the import/export process to prevent it from working properly, many of these pages were moved manually one by one, though ErinEmeraldflame figured out ways around the export/import problems by running minor scripts and replacement functions on the exported files to fix the information and thereby mass import some pages. The moving process also involved making new templates for pages that did not have templates previously and then converting all the pages over to the new templates. By November 2010 the Wizard101 Central Wiki was up and running!

     Since then, a lot has happened! All pages were converted to the easy-to-use Infobox templates and we revamped the category system for the new wiki. This gave the site an amazing level of consistency and quality. Celestia, the Wintertusk expansion of Grizzleheim, Wysteria, Zafaria, and Avalon were all released. KingsIsle started releasing the new many-item card packs, like the Dragon’s Hoard, and Gardening became available in the Spiral. We have added two new Wiki-Masters to the ranks as well - FritzFunBringer, who has been a major contributor, and more recently Ramesses II.

How Do We Rank?

     Thanks to the Avalon release, the site passed 15,000 articles and 35,000 images! (including categories the site has over 62,000 pages!) According to the best kept list, as of early July 2012, for number of articles, the Wizard101 Central Wiki is the 346th largest Wiki in the world, the 103rd largest private Wiki in the world, and the 5th largest video-game specific wiki in the world! (behind WoW, Urban Dead, Runescape, and Fallout - with Avalon, the site passed Final Fantasy!) Amazingly, we are the 64th largest wiki in the world for number of images!

     As of right now, the Wiki has 51,673 Articles and 103,875 Images out of 167,918 total pages.

Major Contributors

     We may eventually compile lists of major contributors, past and present, to be included on this page in thanks of their service to the site.

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