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Easy to Use Page Creation Form!

To create a page, simply type the name of the page in the appropriate box. You don't need a namespace! This form will add the namespace prefix and load the template for you!

If you prefer to do it the old way or would like to use the simpler creation form, you can still use it here (This older form, requires that you understand the concept of namespaces).


Locations: Automatically puts Location: namespace and loads Location template.


Creatures: Automatically puts Creature: namespace and loads Creature template.


NPC's: Automatically puts NPC: namespace and loads NPC template.

Minions & Henchmen

Minions & Henchmen: Automatically puts Minion: namespace and loads Minion template.


Quests: Automatically puts Quest: namespace and loads Quest template.


Polymorphs: Automatically puts Polymorph: namespace and loads Polymorph template.

Beastmoon Forms

BeastmoonForms: Automatically puts BeastmoonForm: namespace and loads BeastmoonForm template.

Locked Chests

Locked Chests: Automatically puts LockedChest: namespace and loads LockedChest template.

Pets, Abilities, Snacks

Pets: Automatically puts Pet: namespace and loads Pet template.

(For all Pets, First Generation or Hybrid (Hatched) ones)

Pet Abilities: Automatically puts PetAbility: namespace and loads Pet Ability template.

(Talents and Derby Abilities).

Pet Snacks: Automatically puts Snack: namespace and loads Snack template.

Items: Spell Decks, Clothing, Equipment, Jewels, Seeds, Housing, Mounts, Elixirs, Recipes, Sets

Spell Decks: Automatically puts Item: namespace
and loads Item template with Deck code.

(Spell Decks ONLY)

Housing Items: Automatically puts House: namespace and loads Housing template.

Items: Automatically puts Item: namespace and loads Item template.

(Hats, Robes, Boots, Athames, Amulets, Wands, and Rings)

Mounts: Automatically puts Mount: namespace and loads Mount template.

Jewels: Automatically puts Jewel: namespace and loads Jewel template.

Elixirs: Automatically puts Item: namespace and loads Elixir template.

Seeds: Automatically puts House: namespace and loads Seed template.

Recipes: Automatically puts Recipe: namespace and loads Recipe template.

Sets: Automatically puts Set: namespace and loads Set template.

Spells & Spell Cards

Spells: Automatically puts Spell: namespace and loads Spell Card template.

Reagents, Fish

Reagents: Automatically puts Reagent: namespace and loads Reagent template.

Item Cards: Automatically puts ItemCard: namespace and loads Item Card template.

Fish: Automatically puts Fish: namespace and loads Fish template.

Treasure Cards: Automatically puts TreasureCard: namespace and loads Treasure Card template.

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