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This project is for making Spell Animations for Spell, Item Card, and Treasure Card pages on the wiki.

Project Rules

  • First, please contact one of the Wiki Masters by posting a new thread in the Forums if you have any questions about recording animations for the wiki.
We are happy to give any suggestions that we can, or recommend you to others who may be able to help.
Also, contacting us establishes communication in case we have issues with your animations (see below). ;)
  • We will inspect images as they are uploaded.
If you are just starting, we prefer you upload one and tell us by posting a new thread here, so we can look at it before you do more.
This is to save your time!
  • Note that we are somewhat strict about the quality of animations on the site.
This means if they are too choppy (low frame rate), too small, too low quality (in resolution or color) we may ask you to try again.
We are not trying to harshly criticize someone's work!  :) This is because the files take up a lot of space on the site and lower quality animations can really strain the enjoyment of a page by users. We want animations to be on par with others on the site.


Example Animations

(Spell Animation) Imitsu Punisher.gif (Spell Animation) O'Leary Charlatan (Death).gif

(Spell Animation) Deadly Scratcher.gif (Spell Animation) Sleet Storm.gif

File Parameters

  • Animations are preferred to be less than 2Mb when uploading to the Wiki.
  • The pages will display the animation in a 350 pixel wide area, so around 350 pixels wide is best.
  • Using a 1440x900 resolution screen is preferred.

Recording Rules

  • Record animations in an appropriately-lit game area with good angles in battle to see the animation.
 Unicorn Way and MooShu are good for darker spells; Dragonspyre and Marleybone can work well for lighter spells
  • Don't talk in game while recording.
  • Avoid having too many pips/power pips on your wizard.
  • Do not wear any equipment that boosts damage or criticals on your wizard.
 Also, if the spell damages you, do not wear equipment that resists the damage.
  • Make sure there are no active Charms, Wards, or Global Spells in play or any Enchantments attached to the Spell that could change its effects.
  • Try to go first in the duel, the angle is better for recording spells.
  • If the spell has extra effects, make sure that they show up in the recording.


  • Use 'Control-G' on your keyboard to remove your screen icons like your health and mana.
Pressing 'Control-G' again brings them back
  • Recording spells where others won't jump into your fight can be useful, consider bosses in instances.
  • Look at animations people already made for good examples! (see above and below)

Is your animation larger than 2Mb?

  • Cut-out time before and after the animation for the spell
  • Crop (cut-out) the animation to make it smaller and only show the animation
  • Reduce the frame rate, just don't let it get too choppy
  • Reduce the total amount of colors
  • Reduce the resolution

Recording Methods

Recording an avi file

  • Use an external recording software such as Bandicam, Fraps, or Taksi. There is no need to purchase these programs because the free versions will suffice.

Converting .avi to .gif

  • A method that works is using Jasc Animation Shop 3.11, but there are other options out there.

Using Jasc Animation Shop

  1. Open Jasc Animation Shop
  2. Open the recorded .avi file
  3. Crop the first frame to the desired size of the entire animation - the rest of the film will crop the same
  4. Save the image as .gif with Level 3 or Level 4 optimization
  5. If the resulting .gif is too large, reopen the .avi file and crop again and use level 2 (if you used level 3) or level 3 (if you used level 4) optimization
  6. Upload the animation to Wizard 101 Wiki. (Please note that this will take longer than normal images)

Completed and Needed Animations

Completed Animations

Already completed animations sorted by school:

Needed Animations

See the Spell Animation Image Stub Category

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