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Welcome to the Wizard101 Wiki

The largest and most comprehensive Wizard101 Wiki for all your Wizard101 needs!
Guides, Pets, Spells, Quests, Bosses, Creatures, NPCs, Crafting, Gardening and more!

Please read through the Editing Guide, it will make editing the site much easier.

There are 51,335 Articles and 103,010 Images on this Wiki

The Spring 2021 Update is on the Live Realm!!
Check out all the new content.
This update introduces new items, events and event rewards, and improvements on many adventure systems. A couple of new skeleton key bosses also await you. Need a friendly guide to explore it all? There are also new social systems added (with more to come) to help you connect with fellow Wizards.
Some of the Highlights include:
  • Speeding Up AOE Spells
  • New Skeleton Key Bosses
  • New Beastmoon Events
  • PVP Matchmaking Improvements
  • Meeting Your Fellow Wizards
  • Housing Concept Art Books
  • System Requirements Updated. See the Announcement here
And more!
Read all about the Spring 2021 Update Highlights here.
Reminder: Use the Update Notes as a guide to explore the changes in the game. As explained in the Rules, information added to the Wiki must be personally witnessed in the game on the Live Realm.
- Wiki Master AluraMist (To contact this or another Wiki Master please post a new thread in this forum.)
Template changes and additions on the Wiki
Set Bonuses and new Pet Power Talents can now be entered and displayed on the Wiki! See the announcement thread here for more information.
The Wiki-Master Team
- Wiki Master Audacioussalix (To contact this or another Wiki Master please post a new thread in this forum.)
“Inspect feature” in the game
With the Spring 2020 Game Updates, a new ‘inspect feature’ was introduced in the game. It allows you to right click on a Wizard and select options to view what they are wearing. Hovering over many of the items will not only reveal what that item is, but also where it can be acquired for your own Wizard.
That information may be used as a guide to help your Wizard find how to obtain the equipment. But the ‘inspect feature' is not an acceptable method of obtaining drop data to add to the Wiki. The Wizard101 Central Wiki has always been, and will always be, a firsthand-information-only resource. See Post #1 here.
As you continue to play the game, feel free to contribute to the Wiki by adding any Items that you personally receive as drops. And thank you for working with us to ensure the highest-quality Wiki possible.
The Wiki-Master Team
- Wiki Master AluraMist (To contact this or another Wiki Master please post a new thread in this forum.)
New to editing the Wiki?
If you are new to editing the Wiki, it may seem overwhelming at first. Take some time to review the various editing guidelines that are available.
Start by using the drop-down menu on the left side of this Main Page. Click on “Editing Guide” and there are various topics listed, like the "Rules and Guidelines About Content". Each topic has many ‘blue links’ included that take you to even more information.
Then, be sure to check out this awesome Guide to Editing the Wiki – Standards that explains Wiki editing in a very simple way. Thanks to Monochromatic Bunny for the Guide.
- Wiki Master AluraMist (To contact this or another Wiki Master please post a new thread in this forum.)
New “Item Card Variant Number” Format
In line with the many Template changes introduced by the Wiki Master Team, there is a new format for identifying which version of an Item Card is given / granted by an Item (gear), a Jewel, or a Pet. These changes have been tested and are ready for all Contributors to use.
When listing the name of the Item Card given / granted, it would be entered in this format:
Example: | icname = Blitz:0
Note: On the Item Card pages, the first Spell Image is "0", then "1", "2", etc.
By using this new format, the Wiki will automatically add that Item to the appropriate list / section on the Item Card page. No more manual entry needed.
Instructions have been added to the Template Fields Boxes on each Wiki page.
As always, the Wiki Master Team is working to improve the ways to enter your information. If there are any questions, feel free to contact any one of the Wiki Masters, or post your questions on the Central Forums here.
- Wiki Master AluraMist (To contact this or another Wiki Master please post a new thread in this forum.)
Changes Across the Wiki
You may have noticed recently that we're updating a lot of our templates in the Wiki as of late to improve upon page structure, make templates more consistent (similar in style to how Creature pages look), and to try to faciliate page editing. See the Dryad Pet page to get an idea of what we're talking about. We're going to be revising more templates in the near future, so be on the look out for these changes!
Amongst the template changes that you will be observing, the Wiki-Master team has decided to move away from using icons for descriptions on pages and instead move towards text-only descriptions, especially on Spell card pages. Where icons used to be relatively easy to understand and maintain in the past with Wizard101, they have become increasingly abundant and cryptic as the game has evolved, and do not always explain things well.
If you have questions about any of the changes now or in the future, then feel free to ask them here and one of the Wiki-Masters will respond with an answer.
- Wiki Master Pyro (To contact this or another Wiki Master please post a new thread in this forum.)
Entering Information Made Easy!
Does entering data into the Wiki seem complicated and overwhelming? Well not anymore! We've opened a new method of drop entry, The Firsthand Observations Thread! Post screenshots of drops YOU receive in this thread and someone else will enter the information for you! Simple as that. Of course, we are always looking for new contributors so don't be afraid to try and ask us if you have any questions!
AS A REMINDER: Like the thread above, if you are entering data into the Wiki from second-hand information (information you did not directly acquire), you MUST post screenshot proof of your edit in the Wiki Forums and make a note in the summary section when you edit the page. This helps us to ensure the highest quality Wiki possible. Thank you for your cooperation!
- Wiki Master DragonTamer1016 (To contact this or another Wiki Master please post a topic in this forum.)
You May Have Noticed!
We are in process of converting pages that contain drops over to use lists rather than individually numbered fields. This should save a lot of time renumbering those long sequences of drop fields. As part of this change we are both adding new tags and and converting many of the existing textual tags into icons such as: CrownCrowns Item DropMaturePlantMature Plant DropElderPlantElder Plant DropWMVWiki-Master Verified Drop. This both conserves space and makes the pages look a little less cluttered. Don't know what those icons indicate? Don't worry, if you hover your cursor over the icon, a textual popup will appear indicating what the icon represents. Let us know what you think by posting in the wiki forums!
- Wiki Master RedValkyre99 (To contact this or another Wiki Master please post a new thread in this forum.)
Click here to view older announcements!
If you're interested, read up on the details of the project and contact the appropriate admin, thank you!

Any provided help is appreciated - Please be familiar with Creating New Pages and the Editing Guide and ask if you are confused at all about making new pages!

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Quests Items Housing Pets
Spells Treasure Cards Item Cards New Henchmen
Teleport Stones Castles New Crown Shop items

Natural Attack Project
The goal of the this project is to capture Natural Attack Images from beguiled creatures.
If you are interested in this project, please visit the Forum Page.
For a list of creatures that still need Natural Attack Images please see the Project Page.
Thank you for any help you can provide!

Click here to view all projects!
Contact a Wiki Master

Here is a list of the Wiki Masters, should you need to contact them directly:

Monochromatic Bunny

Wizard101 Wiki Needs You!
(General) Doodle PC Female.png (General) Doodle PC Male.png

As the largest Wizard101 Wiki, we need YOUR help to constantly improve our Spell, Item Card, Treasure Card, Quest, Pet, Pet Ability, Pet Snack, Creature, Seed, Reagent, Recipe, Housing, and Item pages!
Here are some links to get you started!
Featured Article
May’s Featured Article is:
The Great Sky Train Robbery Pack
(Item) Great Sky Train Robbery Pack.png

The Great Sky Train Robbery Pack was introduced in the Crown Shop in April 2021. From the Wizard101 website: Buckle up … things are about to go off the rails! Adorably tough mounts! Super speedy pets! Dapper new gear! All this and more await you in the all new Great Sky Train Robbery Pack!
Be sure to check out the new Pets and some of the other Items that you have a chance to receive, like these:

Rambler's Runner Pet

(Pet) Rambler's Runner.png

Moseyin' Armadillo Mount

(Item) Moseyin' Armadillo.png

  • Rambler’s, Rancher’s, and Wrangler’s Gear Sets
  • Exclusive Ticket Reagents
  • And much more, like Seeds, Treasure Cards, new Western-Themed Housing Items, etc.

This new Pack is available in the Crown Shop.

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