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VendorInfobox Template Fields
Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
world World the Vendor is located in for this list of items.
selltype The type of items for this list, only use: Hats, Robes, Boots, Wands, Athames, Rings, Decks, Pets, Snacks, Mounts, Reagents, Jewels, Treasure Cards, Transmutations, Spells, Transformations
For Housing: Castle, Plant Life, Wall Hanging, Wallpaper and Tile, Outdoor, Furniture, Decoration, Music Scroll
extratitle To add an extra description to the item type (e.g. school limitation) use this field.
gardening Enter "Yes" if the vendor is a gardening vendors/trainers
currency Gold, Crowns, Arena Tickets or Lunari
item1-item90 The names of the items the Vendor sells
item1cost-item64cost The cost of the items, enter a number.
last Enter "Yes" IF this is the lowest list on the Vendor's page!
Blank Template for Vendors
| world = 
| selltype = 
| currency = 
| item1 = 
| item1cost = 
| item2 = 
| item2cost = 
| item3 = 
| item3cost = 
| item4 = 
| item4cost = 
| item5 = 
| item5cost = 
| item6 = 
| item6cost = 
| last = 
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