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Template Fields
Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
school The School the Spell is from.
pipcost The number of Pips the Spell costs to cast.
rank [Optional] The Rank of Pips the Spell costs to cast. Only use for Spells used outside of combat, e.g. Gardening/Cantrips.
shadpipcost The number of Shadow Pips the Spell costs to cast. Leave blank if the Spell requires none, unless the Spell is of the Shadow School, where "0" should be entered.
schoolpipcost The number of School Pips the Spell costs to cast. Enter the number of School Pips required, followed by the School of the School Pip(s) required. If there are multiple different types of School Pips required, enter them in a semi-colon separated list. For example, "1 Balance; 2 Fire;" etc.
accuracy The accuracy of the Spell. Example: 80%.
energycost [Optional] The amount of Energy the Spell costs to cast.
cooldown [Optional] The length of the cooldown to cast the Spell in seconds. Do not enter the word "seconds".
shadowenhanced [Old] Enter Yes if the Spell is a Shadow Enhanced Spell, otherwise leave blank.
type The type of Spell. Examples: Damage, Steal, Healing, Ward, Charm, Global, Manipulation, Aura, Enchantment, Polymorph, Mutate.
"All Enemies" should always be put in the last type slot as an additional type
For Gardening: Seed, Soil, Growing, Pest, and Gardening Utility.
For Castle Magic: Action, Castle Magic Utility, Computer, and Effect.
For Cantrips: Flourish, Teleportation, Radiance, Ritual, and Sigil Support.
Use type2, type3, etc. for additional Spell types.
subtype Put Blade if the Spell has a positive Damage-boosting Charm.
Put Trap if the Spell has an incoming Damage-boosting Ward.
Put All Allies, if the Spell has an effect that affects All Allies.
Otherwise, do not use.
Use subtype2, subtype3, etc. for additional subtypes.
casts [Optional] This field is for listing the Spells that this Treasure Card may cast when it is used (e.g. Azoth). Enter each cast in a semi-colon separated list using the format, "Spell_Name :: Description;" where Spell_Name is the name of the spell most visually similar to it and the Description is for describing the Spell and any differences it may have to its similar counterpart. If there is no Spell that is visually similar to a Treasure Card's cast, then leave the Spell_Name blank. Order the casts alphabetically based on the name of the most visually similar Spell for each entry.
monstrology Enter Yes if the Treasure Card is created through Monstrology.
PvP Enter No if the Treasure Card is No PvP. If this Treasure Card is PvP Only, put Only. Otherwise, leave this blank.
PvPlevel Enter the level required to use this Treasure Card in PvP. This is indicated by a red box with swords on the Treasure Card. ALL numbered levels take a "+" at the end, including the highest (e.g. 150+). Leave blank for no-PvP, Monstrology, Gardening, and Cantrip Treasure Cards. For normal Treasure Cards without this box, enter Any.
trade [Optional] Enter No if the Treasure Card is No Trade, otherwise leave blank.
auction [Optional] Enter No if the Treasure Card is No Auction, otherwise leave blank.
mutatesource [Optional] If the Treasure Card is a mutation created by a mutate Treasure Card, enter the name of the mutate Treasure Card here.
The descrip1 field is used to describe the Spell.
Note: The descrip 2-10 and dimage fields are being phased out. The descriptions are being transitioned to "text only" in a single field.
descrip1 Used for text. Describe the Spell's effects here.
descrip2 - 6 [Old] Used for text.
dimage1 - 6 [Old] Used to add images.
buylevel If you have to be a minimum Level to buy this Treasure Card from a vendor or the Bazaar, enter the Level number here.
buyrank If you have to be a minimum Gardening Rank to buy this Treasure Card from the Bazaar, enter the Rank number here.
enchantable Enter No if the Treasure Card cannot be learned and cast as a normal Spell (and isn't a Gardening Spell) OR No variations exist for this Treasure Card.

Put "Only" if Treasure Cards of the Spell are only available through enchanting a cast Spell.
Put "Noaccuracy" if accuracy enchantments are not allowed but other enchantments are.
Put "Nodamage" if it is a Damage or Steal Spell but Damage enchantments are not allowed and other enchantments are.
Put "Nodamacc" to combine Nodamage and Noaccuracy.
Put "Only-Nodamacc" to combine Only, Nodamage, and Noaccuracy.

nopvpver [Optional] If a PvP AND a No PvP version of this card exist, enter Yes to add a No PvP image variation.
pvponly [Optional] If a regular AND a PvP Only version of this card exist, enter Yes to add a PvP Only image variation.
dropped [Old] Enter Yes if the Treasure Card is dropped by a Creature.
retired [Optional] Enter Yes if the Treasure Card is retired.
fishchestloc1 - 40 The name of the locations (listed alphabetically) that have fishing Chests which can grant this Treasure Card. Use fishchestloc2, fishchestloc3, etc. for additional locations.
[Optional] Minion-Spell lines, please note that the template supports up to 15 Minions.
minion Enter Yes if the Spell summons a Minion.
minion1 Enter the name of the Minion here (use 2-15 for additional Minions).
minion1pips The number of Pips it costs to summon the Minion (use 2-15 for additional Minions).
minion1look Enter the name of a Creature the the Minion is modeled after here (use 2-15 for additional Minions).
minion1rank The rank of the Minion (use 2-15 for additional Minions).
minion1health The amount of Health the Minion has (use 2-15 for additional Minions).
[Optional] Alternative Animation Parameter
altani If the Spell animation is significantly different than other Spells of the same name, enter Yes, otherwise don't include.
Blank Template
| school = 
| pipcost = 
| shadpipcost = 
| schoolpipcost = 
| accuracy = 
| type = 
| monstrology = 
| PvP = 
| PvPlevel = 
| descrip1 = 
| buylevel = 
| buyrank = 
| enchantable = 
| fishchestloc1 = 
| fishchestloc2 = 
| fishchestloc3 = 
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