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Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
reagentmade The reagent the transmutation produces.
vendor The vendor that sells the transmutation recipe. Use vendor2 to 4 for additional vendors.
buyval Price of the recipe.
crrank Crafting Rank needed to craft the snack.
crstat Crafting Station needed to craft the snack.
cooldown Cooldown time after crafting a card.
reagent# Name of a reagent to craft the card. One per number.
reagentnum# Number of the associated reagent required to craft the card.

Using the Infobox

If you want to use the template for new pages, just copy/paste the text in the white box below on the edit page, save, and then edit again. To change an existing page, just copy/paste or subst the same stuff and copy the existing information (including the used name of any image it already uses) onto the appropriate line, then erase the old text and original categories (categories automatically populate on the article page, but are not automatically created in the database).

| reagentmade = 
| vendor = 
| buyval = 
| crrank = 
| crstat = 
| cooldown = 
| reagentnum1 = 
| reagent1 = 
| reagentnum2 = 
| reagent2 = 
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