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Template Fields
Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
school The School the Spell is from.
pipcost The number of Pips the Spell costs to cast.
shadpipcost The number of Shadow Pips the Spell costs to cast. Leave blank if the Spell requires none, unless the Spell is of the Shadow School, where "0" should be entered.
accuracy The accuracy of the Spell. Example: 80%. For Gardening/Fishing, enter the amount of Energy it costs to cast the Spell. Example: 30.
shadowenhanced Enter Yes if the Spell is a Shadow Enhanced Spell, otherwise leave blank.
type The type of Spell. Examples: Damage, Steal, Healing, Ward, Charm, Global, Manipulation, Aura, Enchantment, Polymorph, Mutate.
"All Enemies" should always be put in the last type slot as an additional type
For Gardening: Seed, Soil, Growing, Pest, and Gardening Utility.
For Fishing: Fish Catching, Fishing Utility
Use type2, type3, etc. for additional Spell types.
subtype Put Blade if the Spell has a positive Damage-boosting Charm.
Put Trap if the Spell has an incoming Damage-boosting Ward.
Put All Allies, if the Spell has an effect that affects All Allies.
Otherwise, do not use.
Use subtype2, subtype3, etc. for additional subtypes.
PvP [Optional] Enter No if the Spell is No PvP.
reshuffle [Optional] Enter No if the Spell cannot be Reshuffled. This is indicated by a "x1" on the Spell.
mutatename [Optional] If the Spell can be mutated, put the name of the mutating Sun Spell here (e.g. Mutate Phoenix).
The descrip1 field is used to describe the Spell.
Note: The descrip 2-10 and dimage fields are being phased out. The descriptions are being transitioned to "text only" in a single field.
descrip1 Used for text. Describe the Spell's effects here.
descrip2 - 10 [Old] Used for text.
dimage1 - 10 [Old] Used to add images.
enchantment1-10 If the Spell is enchantable, list the types of allowable enchantments: Accuracy, Pierce, Damage, Cloak, Sharpened Blade, Indemnity, Potent Trap, Aegis, Healing (Primordial and Radical), and Monstrology. Also include item card enchantments as applicable: Accuracy Item Cards, Pierce Item Cards, Cloak Item Card, Sharpened Blade Item Card, Potent Trap Item Card, Bolstered Ward Item Card, and Primordial Item Card.
creatureonly Enter Yes if the Spell is cast by a Creature only.
minioncast Enter Yes if the Spell is cast by a Minion only.
natural [Optional] Enter Yes if the Spell is a natural-attack Spell.
polymorph If the Spell is available only to a Polymorph Form, enter the NAME of the Polymorph Spell here.
If the Spell is available only to a Beastmoon Form, enter the NAME of the Beastmoon Form here, and enter "Yes" in the beastmoon field.
beastmoon [Optional] If this Spell is available only during the Beastmoon Hunt, enter "Yes".
trainer [Old] This field automatically populates from the trainer (and Quest) information.
reqspell 1-12 The Spell(s) that is immediately required before you can learn this Spell.
prequest1 The non-spell Quest that may be immediately required before you can learn this Spell.
prespell 1-12 The Spell(s) that immediately require this Spell in order to be learned.
trainpoint If an NPC trains it, enter "Yes";
If a Cardpack trains it, enter the word "Cardpack";
If the Spell is not one of the seven primary Schools, but certain wizards can still train it from NPCs for free, enter "Vary"; otherwise enter "No".
If the Spell can only be obtained via a Creature dropping it, leave blank.
tpvary1 If trainpoint is filled in with "Vary", enter one the Schools here (use tpvary 2-4 for additional Schools).
wrightinglearnable [Optional] Enter Yes/No if the Spell can/cannot be learned using Spellements. Do not use if no Spellements exist for the Spell.
retired [Optional] Enter Yes if the Spell has been retired.
dropped [Optional] Enter Yes if the Spell is dropped.
[Optional] Minion-Spell lines, please note that the template supports up to 15 Minions.
minion Enter Yes if the Spell summons a Minion.
minion1 Enter the name of the Minion here (use 2-15 for additional Minions).
minion1pips The number of Pips it costs to summon the Minion (use 2-15 for additional Minions).
minion1look Enter the name of a Creature the the Minion is modeled after here (use 2-15 for additional Minions).
minion1rank The rank of the Minion (use 2-15 for additional Minions).
minion1health The amount of Health the Minion has (use 2-15 for additional Minions).
[Optional] Backlash Information
posbacklash1 An action that decreases the amount of backlash received at the end of a Shadow Spell's effect (use posbacklash2 - 10 for additional effects).
negbacklash1 An action that increases the amount of backlash received at the end of a Shadow Spell's effect (use negbacklash2 - 10 for additional effects).
[Optional] Spellwrighting Information
spellwrighting Enter Yes if the Spell has Spellements.
wrightingtiers The number of tiers of upgrades the Spell has.
tiersbranchat If the upgrade paths split, enter the tier at which the split occurs. If there are multiple splits, enter a comma separated list of where the splits occur. For example, if the upgrade path splits at tier 2 and also at the first branch of tier 5, enter: "2, 5-1".
firstbranch The number of branches created by the first split. Only needed when the path splits into three branches.
spellements1 The number of Spellements required to upgrade to a tier (use spellements2a - 2c up to spellements5a - 5c for branches).
copies1 The number of copies of a Spell given at a tier (use copies2a - 2c up to copies5a - 5c for branches). Only needed when copy numbers are restricted.
[Optional] Alternative Animation Parameter
altani If the Spell animation is significantly different than other Spells of the same name, enter Yes, otherwise don't include.
Blank Template
| school = 
| pipcost = 
| shadpipcost = 
| accuracy = 
| shadowenhanced = 
| type = 
| descrip1 = 
| creatureonly = 
| minioncast = 
| polymorph = 
| reqspell1 = 
| reqspell2 = 
| reqspell3 = 
| prespell1 = 
| prespell2 = 
| prespell3 = 
| trainpoint = 
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