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Template Fields
Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
acquired [Old] Where the snack came from. The options are "Bought", "Crafted", "Dropped", "Gardened", "Reward", and "Special Events". (Use acquired2 to acquired6 for extra sources).
value The rank of the snack. (Number on the top left of the snack)
school The school of the snack. The first letter of the school's name should be capitalized.
class The Class of the snack - see Snack Classes. This is Fruit, Vegetable, Meal, Munchie, Candy, Dessert, or Cereal.
Snacks should be tested on at least two different Pets to determine snack class. Provide Pet details when editing.
will Boost given to will. (no plus sign)
agility Boost given to agility. (no plus sign)
intellect Boost given to intellect. (no plus sign)
power Boost given to power. (no plus sign)
strength Boost given to strength. (no plus sign)
sellval Sell value of the snack (in snack shops). The word 'Gold' is not needed.
sell If the Snack cannot be sold to a regular vendor, enter "No". Otherwise, leave blank.
auction Is the snack 'auctionable'. "Yes" or "No". If 'Unknown', leave blank.
fishchestlocations List of semicolon-separated locations (alphabetical) that have fishing chests which can grant this snack.
altacquire [Optional] If this Snack has a different method of acquisition not covered by this Template, give that information here. Alternative acquisition sources are entered as a semi-colon (;) separated list.
altcategory [Optional] Used to add an extra Category not currently covered by this Template. Example: Special Events. Alternative categories are entered as a semi-colon (;) separated list.
Blank Template
| value = 
| school = 
| class = 
| will = 
| agility = 
| intellect = 
| power = 
| strength = 
| sellval = 
| auction = 
| fishchestlocations =

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