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Template Fields
Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
type Recipe type. Item, House, Reagent, Jewel, Mount, Snack, Spell or TreasureCard.
school [Optional] The required School if the Recipe is restricted to Wizards of a single School.
limit [Optional] The limit on the number of Items that can be placed in an area of a house.
item1-30 Crafted object name(s). If more than one of an Item is given per craft, enter the amount in parentheses before the Item name, e.g. "(5) Mist Wood".
crrank The crafting rank that's required to craft the Item. If there is no rank required, leave it blank.
crstat The name of the crafting station that is needed to craft the Item. Optional: In the rare case than an alternate station is allowed use the crstat2 parameter.
ctrank [Optional] The cantrip rank that's required to craft the Item.
pvprank [Optional] The PvP rank that's required to craft the Item.
badge [Optional] The badge that's required to purchase the Recipe. Use badge2 for a second required badge.
cooldown The cooldown time of the Item for non-subscribers (double subscriber time). If there is no cooldown, leave it blank.
reagent1-10 The name of the reagent that is needed to craft the Item. Add a *TC to the end if the reagent is a Treasure Card, *HS if the reagent is a Seed or Housing Item, *FS if the reagent is a Fish, *SN if the reagent is a Snack, or *IM if the reagent is an Item. Use reagent2 to reagent8 for more reagents.
reagentnum1-10 The number of the corresponding reagent needed to craft the Item. Use reagentnum2 to reagentnum8 for more reagents.
subreagents1-10 If the reagent in this slot can be exchanged with other Items, then enter all of those Items here in alphabetical order. The use of *TC, *HS, *FS, *SN, and *IM are still necessary when applicable.
Blank Template
| type = 
| item1 = 
| item2 = 
| crrank = 
| crstat = 
| cooldown = 
| reagent1 = 
| reagentnum1 = 
| reagent2 = 
| reagentnum2 = 
| reagent3 = 
| reagentnum3 = 
| reagent4 = 
| reagentnum4 = 
| reagent5 = 
| reagentnum5 = 
| reagent6 = 
| reagentnum6 = 
| reagent7 = 
| reagentnum7 = 
| reagent8 = 
| reagentnum8 = 
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