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Template Fields
Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
prequest1 - 5 Place any names of quests required to begin this quest here, If none, leave blank. (if prequest varies based on school, enter "Vary" and see notes at bottom of table)
prelevel The level you need to be to begin a certain quest. Please use this on all School Spell and Pet Quests that have a level requirement. If none, leave blank.
school The school you need to be to begin a certain quest. If none, leave blank.
giver The name of the NPC that gives the quest.
autostart If the quest is not given, but starts automatically, enter what triggers the quest to start here
giverwld The world that the quest-giver (or auto-start) is located in. Put "Housing Instance" if the quest occurs in a Housing Item's Instance.
giverloc The location that the quest-giver (or auto-start) is located in.
storyline Is the quest a storyline quest? Yes or No. (Storyline quests are ones in a direct line from the beginning to end of the story in the game. They can also include a few specific instance quests that tie directly into and parallel closely the story quests and as such are required for completion of the story.)
crafting Is the quest a crafting quest? Yes or No.
fishing Is this quest a fishing quest? Yes or No.
holiday If the quest is a holiday quest, enter the name of the holiday.
instance Is this quest in an instance? Yes or No. (It MUST have the Instance Sigil on the quest graphic)
goal1-1 to 1-10 etc.
Type in the various goals here. If it is a purely linear quest (you have to do it in a specific order use goal1, goal2, goal3, etc. (up to 30).
If it has occasions where multiple parts may be completed simultaneously in the order of your choosing, write a summary of the several goals in the main goal slot, e.g. goal1, then exact text for the sub-goals in goal1-1, goal1-2, goal1-3 etc.
handin Name of the NPC that you hand in the quest to. If it completes automatically, type auto in the slot.
Rewards There are many kinds of rewards. All that are compatible with the template right now are listed below:
  • rewgold - Gold reward from the quest
  • rewxp - Experience reward from the quest
  • rewtp - Training Point Reward from the quest
  • rewpot - Potion reward from the quest
  • rewcrslot - Crafting slot reward from the quest
  • reward#type - This is for equipment rewards. Use type names like Hat, Robe, Boots, Wand, Furniture for all Housing, Spell, etc. (substitute 1-5 for #)
  • vary# - This is for when the reward type above varies depending upon school. (1-5 for # as above; enter Yes if it varies)
  • reward# - If the item does not vary by school, put the reward name here. (# is 1-5 as above)
  • reward#SCHOOL - If the item varies by school use these for the individual items rewarded to each school. (1-5 for # and the name of the school for SCHOOL)
Example: Quest rewards hats that vary by school: reward1type = Hat, vary1 = Yes, reward1fire = Flaming Hat
badge Badge that is directly acquired from the completion of this quest. If none, leave blank. If more than one, use badge2 and badge3
postquest1 - 16 Quests that can be started once this quest is complete (if prequest varies based on school, enter "Vary" and see notes below)
postquestmod1 - 16 [Optional] If a Quest leads to multiple different Quests, use this field to describe which Quest is which. For example, use the labels "storyline quest" and "side quest" when necessary.
If a Quest leads to an Instance Quest which leads back to the same Quest, use the labels "instance quest" and "continues storyline", and on the Instance Quest's page itself use the label "returns to". See Do I Look Fat In This? for an example.
varying pre/postquests As listed above, enter "Vary" and then for each school's pre or post quest, use the lines preq1balance or postq1balance etc.
dialogue Enter Complete Quest Dialogue here. Images are preferred (see imagenum below), but text is allowed as well.
For text, make sure that who says each statement (NPC, Creature, Narrator) is clearly labelled.
imagenum Type in the number of images you want to upload for the complete quest dialogue. This will activate the images on the page so that you can upload them to the proper names.
retired Type Yes if the quest has been retired from the game.
guidetab For quests using the QuestInfoboxPlus template for the "Quest Guide" third tab, put the content of the third tab in this variable.
Blank Template
| prequest1 = 
| prequest2 = 
| prequest3 = 
| giver = 
| giverwld = 
| giverloc = 
| storyline = 
| instance = 
| goal1 = 
| goal2 = 
| goal3 = 
| goal4 = 
| goal5 = 
| goal6 = 
| handin = 
| rewgold = 
| rewxp = 
| reward1type = 
| reward1 = 
| vary1 = 
| postquest1 = 
| postquest2 = 
| dialogue = 
| imagenum = 
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