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Template Fields
Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
world Enter "Yes" if this is its own world, otherwise enter the name of the world it is located in.
location Enter "Yes" if this is a location within a world that has its own map; if it is a sublocation enter the name of the location the sublocation is in.
subloc Enter "Yes" if this is an area within a location without its own map.
key For Skeleton Key Rooms, enter the type of key needed for access (e.g. Wooden Skeleton Key, Stone Skeleton Key, etc).
map2-map6 For very special cases ONLY, add these lines and "Yes" to allow additional maps.
instance Enter "Yes" if this is an instance.
vendor [Optional] Enter "Yes" if this Location is a vendor.
classic Enter "Yes" if this location appears differently in Classic Mode.
descrip Enter a basic description of the world, location, or sublocation here; this is not a required field.
school history If the location is a School (there are only 7 relevant ones right now), the official school history is entered here.
Most lists populate automatically, the information on the NPC, Creature, Reagent, and related Location pages needs to be correct for this to work! The only exceptions are shown below:
connect1-10 LOCATIONS ONLY, enter other locations (not worlds or sublocations) it connects to here - in approximate order of when encountered.
teleporter1-15 OPTIONAL: Teleporter destinations (other LOCATIONS ONLY - not worlds or sublocations).
reagent1-10 SUBLOCATIONS ONLY, enter harvested reagents that occur here, both Normal and Rare.
lockedchest1-3 SUBLOCATIONS ONLY, enter the name of the Locked Chest(s) that can be found here.
lev1creature1-lev20creature4 SUBLOCATIONS ONLY, enter creatures that occur in the sublocation/tower here (e.g. lev1creature1 is the first creature on level1, lev2creature3 is the third creature on level 2, etc).
If the sublocation is for a Skeleton Key Boss, use these fields to list the Creature tiers instead.
lev1descrip-lev20descrip SUBLOCATIONS ONLY, you can enter other things that occur in the tower here (e.g. wisps, NPCs, extra minions, etc) as a description line.
wloc1-25 WORLDS ONLY, enter the LOCATIONS found within the WORLD.
Blank Template
| world = 
| location = 
| subloc = 
| instance = 
| descrip =

| connect1 = 
| connect2 = 
| connect3 = 
| connect4 = 
| connect5 = 
| reagent1 = 
| lev1creature1 = 
| lev1creature2 = 
| lev1descrip = 
| lev2creature1 = 
| lev2creature2 = 
| lev2descrip = 
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