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Template Fields
Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
school The school of the pet.
arenarnk The ARENA rank required to buy/use this pet. (leave blank if none is required)
petrnk The PET DERBY rank required to buy/use this pet. (leave blank if none is required)
pedigree The pedigree of the first generation pet.
card# Item cards that the pet gives. Example: '| card1 = Fire Elf'. Reminder: list this pet on the item card pages also.
card#var The specific variant of an item card (0, 1, 2 etc.). Example: '| card1var = 2' (On the Item Card pages, the first Image is "0", then "1", "2", etc.)
card#num If the pet gives more than one card when the card becomes available, enter the number here (2, 3, 4, or 5). Example: '| card1num = 2'
card#age The age of a pet at which it gives a card (Baby, Teen, Adult, Epic, Mega). Example: '| card1age = Baby'
egg The name of the egg that the pet hatched from. If not known, please enter "Unknown".
hatchd Days for pet to hatch.
hatchh Hours for pet to hatch.
hatchm Minutes for pet to hatch.
hatchcost Gold amount this first generation pet contributes to the cost of a hatch. (Total hatch cost is the sum of both pets' individual hatch costs.)
descrip Very basic description, promotion details if the pet was obtained as a promotion
strength Default strength limit.
intellect Default intellect limit.
agility Default agility limit.
will Default will limit.
power Default power limit.
defaultbonus *defaultbonus - "Yes" if the pet provides an innate bonus at Baby.

Bonuses with 1 line:

  • bhealth = Max Health, bmana = Max Mana, benergy = Energy,
  • bppch = Power Pip % Chance, bshadpipch = Shadow Pip % Chance, stunresist = Stun Resist %, bfishluck = Fishing Luck %

Bonuses with 2 lines:

These have the school of the bonus followed by the bonus itself - For example, for 3% Fire accuracy, bacc = 3% and baccsch = Fire
  • School values you can use include: (Any, Balance, Death, Life, Fire, Ice, Myth, Shadow, Storm)
  • enter the bonuses as either a straight number (3 for +3) or the percent (3% for +3%)
  • bacc = Accuracy, bdam = Damage, bres = Resistance
  • bcrit = Critical, bcritb = Critical Block, barmpierce = Armor Piercing
tslot1-10 Talents that the pet can acquire OR Rarity of unknown slots. Please enter in talents at corresponding numbers (top to bottom).
dslot1-10 Derby Abilities that the pet can acquire OR Rarity of unknown slots. Please enter in abilities at corresponding numbers (top to bottom).
specific "Yes" if the pet is school specific.
speclevel If school-specific, enter the Level you can get this pet.
holiday "Yes" if the pet is a holiday exclusive pet.
promo "Yes" if the pet is a promotional pet.
vendor Name of the vendor that sells the pet. (vendor2-3 for an additional vendors)
wrldv World that the pet can be bought in from the vendor. (wrldv2 for an additional world)
amount Purchase amount of the pet from the vendor.
currency Currency that the pet can be bought in from the vendor.
giftcard Put the name of the Gift Card here. ("Yes" for a more generic message on the page.) Use giftcard2 to giftcard10 for additional Gift Cards.
giftbuyval Price of the Gift Card.
cardpack Name of the Card Pack that you can get the snack from. Please use proper capitalization. Use cardpack2 - cardpack10 for additional Card Packs.
packbuyval Price of the Card Pack, including currency.
reward1 If the pet is a reward from a quest. Add reward2 and reward3 for additional quests as needed.
wrldrw World of the quest the pet is rewarded from.
fishchest If this Item can be obtained from Chests found while Fishing, enter "Yes"; otherwise leave blank.
fishchestloc1 The name of the location that has fishing chests which can grant this item. Use fishchestloc2 or fishchestloc3 for additional locations
likeclass The class of snacks that the pet generally likes (Fruits, Vegetables, Meals, Munchies, Candy, or Desserts)
There should be at least two examples of tested snacks to confirm this.
like1-75 Snacks that the pet likes.
love1-25 Snacks that the pet loves.
looklike1-10 Other things in the game that look like the pet.
unique1-25 Unique Hybrids you can hatch from this pet (not gift-card or promotional hybrids)
otherparent1a For unique1, the name of the other parent that produces the hybrid. Put "Any" if any pet will hatch the hybrid. Use otherparent1b and 1c for extra parents that produce the same hybrid with this parent. Use otherparent2a etc for additional unique hybrids.
image For special rotating gif images only.
Blank Template
| school = 
| pedigree = 
| card1 = 
| card1var = 
| card1num = 
| card1age = 
| egg = 
| hatchd = 
| hatchh = 
| hatchm = 
| hatchcost = 
| descrip = 
| strength = 
| intellect = 
| agility = 
| will = 
| power = 
| tslot1 = 
| tslot2 = 
| tslot3 = 
| tslot4 = 
| tslot5 = 
| tslot6 = 
| tslot7 = 
| tslot8 = 
| tslot9 = 
| tslot10 = 
| dslot1 = 
| dslot2 = 
| dslot3 = 
| dslot4 = 
| dslot5 = 
| dslot6 = 
| dslot7 = 
| dslot8 = 
| dslot9 = 
| dslot10 = 
| specific = 
| speclevel = 
| holiday = 
| promo = 
| vendor = 
| wrldv = 
| amount = 
| currency = 
| giftcard = 
| giftbuyval = 
| reward1 = 
| wrldrw = 
| likeclass = 
| like1 = 
| like2 = 
| like3 = 
| love1 = 
| love2 = 
| love3 = 
| looklike1 = 
| looklike2 = 
| looklike3 = 
| unique1 = 
| otherparent1a = 
| unique2 =
| otherparent2a = 
| unique3 =
| otherparent3a = 
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