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Template Fields
Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
heal Health the form has.
school The school of the form.
pipwisps The maximum number of bonus Pips this form can hold.
speed The speed bonus the form receives, followed by a "%" sign. If the speed is normal, type "None", or leave blank.
descrip Description of the form.
level1-5cards Semicolon separated list of Spells available to the form at each level, followed by a *# tag indicating the number of copies available. Spells should be listed in the order given by the Beast Form Upgrades kiosk.

For example, level1casts = Charming Pixie*3; would indicate that 3 copies of the Charming Pixie Spell are available at Level 1.

Blank Template
| heal = 
| school = 
| pipwisps = 
| speed = 
| descrip =

| level1cards =

| level2cards =

| level3cards =

| level4cards =

| level5cards =

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