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Card image
Card Text
A small Sunstone
RarityRare Harvest
Sell Price35 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 43500630
5 - 92450560
10 - 241750490
25 - 391400420
40 - 741190350
75 - 124980280
125 - 159770210
160 - 224665175
225 - 299560140
300 - 399490105
400 - 49942070
Found as a Rare Harvest from Sandstone in:

Dropped by Normal Harvest:
Can Transmute Using:

Sold by:
Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

From Locked Chests in:

Adventure Talent Sources:

From Fishing Chests in:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Blazing Chieftain's Helm
Crown of the Three Spirits
Desert Trader's Shroud
Guard of the Sun Fire Hat
Hood of Desert Rains
Hood of Harmonious Trade
Royal Storm Crown of Azteca
Silvertongue Cowl
Trader's Wintery Mantle
Transcendent Laurel of Sparks
Transcendent Laurel of Wisdom
Transcendent Spirited Laurel
Tyrant of Winter's Hood
Wyrd-Walker Coif
Abiding Spirits' Vestments
Armor of Avalon
Armor of Grandiosity
Ashen Snow Jerkin
Barbaric Jerkin
Bright Wing Robes
Burning Bitey Cloak
Cloak of the Catacombs
Coalescent Ice Cloak
Eloquent Drape
Epic Ice Outfit
Fire Valley Chief's Garb
Forest Hearth Tunic
Guard of the Sun Fire Armor
High Road Surcoat
Hornbound Tunic
Horned Vestment
Howling Garment of Fire
Ingonyama's Burning Robe
Jerkin of Derring-Do
Kin-Bound Surcoat
Longcoat of Legacy
Longdreamer's Smoking Skin
New Fire Chac's Armor
Plate of Peerage
Raiment of Embassy
Raiment of Turbulent Tales
Raiment of the High Road
Ravenous Sun Shaman's Armor
Robes of Starfire
Robes of the Blazing Sun
Silvertongue Smock
Stormfire Vestments
Stormstrife Tunic
Surcoat of the Wyrd
Surging Spirit Armor
Thunderfair Cloak
Thundering Ice Outfit
Transcendent Monsoon Toga
Transcendent Noble Toga
Transcendent Toga of Wisdom
Valiant Plate
Vassal's Longcoat
Weight of the World Cloak
Wildgrave Garment
Woodland Tribal Coat
Woodwarden's Outfit
Wrought Steel Sheath
Banded Boots
Barbaric Footwear
Boots of Grandiosity
Boots of Peerage
Boots of the Power Play
Boots of the Wold
Fire Lion Ravager's Boots
Freezing Flame Rangers
Greaves of the Banneret
Hornbound Boots
Horned Walkers
Howling Footgear of Fire
Kin-Bound Sandals
Knightly Boots
Merciful Striders
Poet's Footwraps
Royal Storm Boots of Azteca
Sandals of Embassy
Silvertongue Sandals
Sky Dreamer Dancers
Stalkers of Humility
Stormstrife Stalkers
Striders of the Wyrd
Surging Spirit Greaves
Thunderfair Footwear
Thundering Ice Striders
Transcendent Frostfall Shoes
Transcendent Monsoon Sandals
Transcendent Shoes of Demise
Valiant Boots of Firewalking
Valiant Greaves
Vassal's Footwraps
Woodland Tribal Striders
Woodwarden's Shoes
Wraps of Derring-Do
Wraps of the Catacombs
Wraps of the Ceiba Tree
Wrought Steel Boots
Wyrd-Walker Wraps
Arcane Ampul
Crisp Choker
Fervent Charm
Forsaken Pendant
Hopper's Desert Relic
Moon of Talos Amulet
Northwind's Shielding Charm
Pendant of Pandemonium
Proportional Pendant
Seal of the Seven Seas
Verdant Beak Bird Bauble
Epic Deck
Fiery Deck
Maelstrom Deck
New Fire Calendar Deck
Resolute Deck
Sub Zero Deck
The BlazingWind's Arcana
Undead Deck
Virtuous Deck
Blade of Storm's Fury
Everlasting Staff
Rod of Rime
Staff of Stasis
Storied Spyglass
Transcendent Cyclone Spear
Transcendent Spear of Wits
Transcendent Stout Spear
Volcanic Staff
Wicked Wand
Cosmic Kris
Dirk of Defense
Garnet Bear Claw
Medicating Claw
Morgantine Twin Blade
Astonishing Ring
Cinnabar Calendar Ring
Dzorak's Ring of Shivers
Morgantine Signet
Raptorial Sentry's Loop
Ring of Awakening
Stellar Signet
Stone of the Wave Tamer
Stunning Celestian Signet
Avian Bed
Azteca Archway
Azteca Brazier
Blue Teleporter
Bumbler Honeybarrow
Burrower Bed
Burrower Bench
Burrower Bookshelf
Burrower Table
Castle Tours Apartment
Clam Chair
Crab Claw Statue
Crab Lean-To
Crystal Street Lamp
Customizable Chalkboard
Customizable Framed Sign
Customizable Gravestone Sign
Customizable Grizzleheim Sign
Customizable Marleybone Sign
Customizable Wizard City Sign
Cyan Teleporter
Dino Bed
Dino Pillar
Fancy Canoe
Gold Azteca Column
Green Teleporter
Kermes Fire
Khan's Dance Game Kiosk
Magic Mirror
Obscure Codex
Orange Teleporter
Ornate Burrower Chair
Outrigger Paddles
Purple Teleporter
Raider Banner
Raider Table
Raider Throne
Red Teleporter
Spirit Caller Drum
Star Chalice
Tag Game
Umbra Round Table
White Teleporter
World Gate
Yellow Teleporter
Zeke's Scavenger Hunt
Transmute Amber
Athena Battle Sight
Brimstone Revenant
Deer Knight
Goat Monk
Hammer of Thor
Handsome Fomori
Keeper of the Flame
Krampus (Spell)
Lord of Night
Loremaster (Spell)
Luminous Weaver
Ninja Pigs
Queen Calypso (Spell)
Savage Paw
Winter Moon
Treasure Cards:
Fire Dragon
Loremaster (Treasure Card)
Power Nova

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