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(NPC) Wul'yahm.png
Apprentice Crafter
Krokotopia - The Oasis

Wul'yahm is the Crafting trainer in Krokotopia. He is located in the west area of The Oasis. Wul'yahm provides the quests for the Apprentice Crafter Badge.

Wul'yahm is also a Recipe Vendor, selling Equipment, Housing, Transmutation, and Jewel Recipes.
Gives Quests
» Ring in the New
» A Set of Steak Knives
» Marleybone Calling
Quest Goals
Ends Quests
» Krok Watcher
» Ring in the New
» A Set of Steak Knives

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Athame Recipes for Sale

Changeling Knife  (item link)Any149Gold(Item) Changeling Knife.png
Lifebringer's Athame  (item link)Any149Gold(Item) Lifebringer's Athame.png
Mercurial Dagger  (item link)Any261Gold(Item) Mercurial Dagger.png
Poniard of Gallantry  (item link)Any261Gold(Item) Poniard of Gallantry.png
Wish Blade  (item link)Any261Gold(Item) Wish Blade.png

Ring Recipes for Sale

Band of Incentive  (item link)Any315Gold(Item) Band of Incentive.png
Band of Intuition  (item link)Any315Gold(Item) Band of Intuition.png
Jewel of Instinct  (item link)Any158Gold(Item) Jewel of Instinct.png
Ring of Insight  (item link)Any315Gold(Item) Ring of Insight.png
Seal of Impetus  (item link)Any158Gold(Item) Seal of Impetus.png

Wall Hanging Recipes for Sale

Framed Krokosphinx Photo  (item link)490Gold(House) Framed Krokosphinx Photo.png
Tapestry to School of Balance  (item link)5,000Gold(House) Tapestry to School of Balance.png
Tapestry to The Oasis  (item link)5,000Gold(House) Tapestry to The Oasis.png

Outdoor Recipes for Sale

Carved Stone Pedestal  (item link)445Gold(House) Carved Stone Pedestal.png
Dark Stone Fence  (item link)450Gold(House) Dark Stone Fence.png
Glowing Fancy Lamppost  (item link)515Gold(House) Glowing Fancy Lamppost.png
Ornamental Stepstone  (item link)595Gold(House) Ornamental Stepstone.png
Solar Decoration  (item link)475Gold(House) Solar Decoration.png
Stone Barrier  (item link)540Gold(House) Stone Barrier.png
Storm Stone Fence  (item link)450Gold(House) Storm Stone Fence.png
Storm Stone Pedestal  (item link)445Gold(House) Storm Stone Pedestal.png

Furniture Recipes for Sale

Throwing Star Stand  (item link)500Gold(House) Throwing Star Stand.png
Wyrm-Style Endtable  (item link)595Gold(House) Wyrm-Style Endtable.png

Decoration Recipes for Sale

Book Collection  (item link)450Gold(House) Book Collection.png
Crane Obelisk  (item link)450Gold(House) Crane Obelisk.png
Flame Tablet  (item link)560Gold(House) Flame Tablet.png
Mantis Obelisk  (item link)450Gold(House) Mantis Obelisk.png
Serpent Obelisk  (item link)450Gold(House) Serpent Obelisk.png
Solar Tablet  (item link)560Gold(House) Solar Tablet.png
Stone Brazier  (item link)555Gold(House) Stone Brazier.png
Storm Obelisk  (item link)450Gold(House) Storm Obelisk.png
Storm Tablet  (item link)560Gold(House) Storm Tablet.png
Tooth Jar  (item link)455Gold(House) Tooth Jar.png

Transmutation Recipes for Sale

Transmute Ancient Scroll  (item link)400Gold(Reagent) Ancient Scroll.png
Transmute Bone  (item link)150Gold(Reagent) Bone.png
Transmute Nightshade  (item link)200Gold(Reagent) Nightshade.png
Transmute Parchment  (item link)300Gold(Reagent) Parchment.png

Jewel Recipes for Sale

Balance Jewel 15500Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Death Jewel 15500Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Fire Jewel 15500Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Ice Jewel 15500Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Life Jewel 15500Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Myth Jewel 15500Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png
Storm Jewel 15500Gold(Recipe) Jewel Recipe.png

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