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NPC:Victor Darkwood

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(NPC) Victor Darkwood.png
Wizard City Robe Shop
Victor Darkwood
Robe Shopkeeper
Wizard City - Shopping District - Wizard City Robe Shop
Victor Darkwood operates his own Robe shop in Wizard City's Shopping District, where he vends fashionable yet powerful gear for Novice, Apprentice, and Initiate Wizards.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
» Faire Thee Well
Ends Quests

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Robes for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Cloak of BlessingsAny32-33Gold(Item) Cloak of Blessings Male.png(Item) Cloak of Blessings Female.png
Robe of the BoonAny32-33Gold(Item) Robe of the Boon Male.png(Item) Robe of the Boon Female.png
Vest of EminenceAny32-32Gold(Item) Vest of Eminence Male.png(Item) Vest of Eminence Female.png
Vestment of LuckAny32-32Gold(Item) Vestment of Luck Male.png(Item) Vestment of Luck Female.png
Tunic of LeverageAny32-33Gold(Item) Tunic of Leverage Male.png(Item) Tunic of Leverage Female.png
Cloak of the AscensionAny32-32Gold(Item) Cloak of the Ascension Male.png(Item) Cloak of the Ascension Female.png
Robe of the AdvantageAny32-32Gold(Item) Robe of the Advantage Male.png(Item) Robe of the Advantage Female.png
Novice's RobeAny32-33Gold(Item) Novice's Robe Male.png(Item) Novice's Robe Female.png
Senior Novice's RobeAny62-64Gold(Item) Senior Novice's Robe Male.png(Item) Senior Novice's Robe Female.png
Vestment of EssenceAny492-510Gold(Item) Vestment of Essence Male.png(Item) Vestment of Essence Female.png
Robe of BeingFire497-504Gold(Item) Robe of Being Male.png(Item) Robe of Being Female.png
Cloak of the HeartIce492-504Gold(Item) Cloak of the Heart Male.png(Item) Cloak of the Heart Female.png
Vestment of EnthusiasmStorm499-509Gold(Item) Vestment of Enthusiasm Male.png(Item) Vestment of Enthusiasm Female.png
Robe of EnergyMyth494-504Gold(Item) Robe of Energy Male.png(Item) Robe of Energy Female.png
Cloak of GrowthLife493-498Gold(Item) Cloak of Growth Male.png(Item) Cloak of Growth Female.png
Robe of ImpulseDeath496-510Gold(Item) Robe of Impulse Male.png(Item) Robe of Impulse Female.png
Tunic of VitalityBalance493-505Gold(Item) Tunic of Vitality Male.png(Item) Tunic of Vitality Female.png

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