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NPC:Sven Stonebreaker

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(NPC) Sven Stonebreaker.png
Wizard City Wand Shop
Sven Stonebreaker
Wand Shopkeeper
Wizard City - Shopping District - Wizard City Wand Shop
Sven Stonebreaker runs his own shop in Wizard City's Shopping District, where he supplies Novice and Apprentice Wizards with what they should never be without: a Wand.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
Ends Quests


Wands for Sale

Year-Round Wands for Sale

Wand of the NoviceAny Any40 Gold(Item) Wand of the Novice.png
Wand of the DawnAny Any240 Gold(Item) Wand of the Dawn.png
Razorwire WandAny Any240 Gold(Item) Razorwire Wand.png
Antique WandAny Any240 Gold(Item) Antique Wand.png
DoomwandAny Any240 Gold(Item) Doomwand.png
Runed WandAny Any240 Gold(Item) Runed Wand.png
Graven WandAny Any240 Gold(Item) Graven Wand.png
Ancient WandAny Any240 Gold(Item) Ancient Wand.png

Halloween Exclusive Wand for Sale

Lollipop WandAny Any250 Gold(Item) Lollipop Wand.png
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