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NPC:Pierre Gallantmane

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(NPC) Pierre Gallantmane.png
Wizard City Amulet Shop
Pierre Gallantmane
Amulet Shopkeeper
Wizard City - Shopping District - Wizard City Amulet Shop
Stocked with trinkets that are perfect for Wizards that are just starting out at Ravenwood, Pierre Gallantmane charges more than reasonable prices at his Amulet shop in Wizard City's Shopping District.
Gives Quests
» The Power is Ours
Quest Goals
» Goldfinger
» Faire Thee Well
Ends Quests
» Faire Thee Well

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Amulets for Sale

Infectious NecklaceAny42Gold(Item) Infectious Necklace.png
Pendant of FangsAny42Gold(Item) Pendant of Fangs.png
Amulet of Dark DesiresAny42Gold(Item) Amulet of Dark Desires.png
Choker of MischiefAny42Gold(Item) Choker of Mischief.png
Storm Slitherer GemAny42Gold(Item) Storm Slitherer Gem.png
Frost Crawler NecklaceAny42Gold(Item) Frost Crawler Necklace.png
Eye of the Fiery FelineAny42Gold(Item) Eye of the Fiery Feline.png

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