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NPC:Pat O'Gold

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(NPC) Pat O'Gold.png
Shopping District
Pat O'Gold
Only present during the Saint Patrick's Day event.
Wizard City - Shopping District
Pat O' Gold is the Saint Patrick's Day Holiday Vendor. She stands near the fountain in the Shopping District, and sells holiday-exclusive items. She usually arrives one week before Saint Patrick's Day, and leaves the Spiral a few days after the holiday is over.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
Ends Quests


Wands for Sale

Pot o' Gold WandAny Any300 Crowns(Item) Pot o' Gold Wand.png
Clover WandAny Any300 Crowns(Item) Clover Wand.png
Gold-Stringed HarpAny Any300 Crowns(Item) Gold-Stringed Harp.png
Scepter of the ShieldAny Any1,500 Crowns(Item) Scepter of the Shield.png
Lucky ShillelaghAny Any500 Crowns(Item) Lucky Shillelagh.png
Bountiful WandAny Any300 Crowns(Item) Bountiful Wand.png
Shamrock ScepterAny Any300 Crowns(Item) Shamrock Scepter.png
Harp of the LuckyAny Any300 Crowns(Item) Harp of the Lucky.png
Charmed Clover WandAny Any1,500 Crowns(Item) Charmed Clover Wand.png
Wand of the Golden WardAny Any300 Crowns(Item) Wand of the Golden Ward.png
Leprechaun's BountyAny Any500 Crowns(Item) Leprechaun's Bounty.png
Shamrock HarpAny Any300 Crowns(Item) Shamrock Harp.png
Bounty of the RainbowAny Any300 Crowns(Item) Bounty of the Rainbow.png
Harp o' the Emerald IsleAny Any1,500 Crowns(Item) Harp o' the Emerald Isle.png
Staff of the Crimson HartAny Any500 Crowns(Item) Staff of the Crimson Hart.png
Wand of WealthAny Any300 Crowns(Item) Wand of Wealth.png
Shield of the BlessedAny Any300 Crowns(Item) Shield of the Blessed.png
Lucky Shamrock WandAny Any300 Crowns(Item) Lucky Shamrock Wand.png
Rainbow's RewardAny Any500 Crowns(Item) Rainbow's Reward.png
Scepter of the Red HartAny Any500 Crowns(Item) Scepter of the Red Hart.png
Sacred ShillelaghAny Any500 Crowns(Item) Sacred Shillelagh.png
Charmed Shamrock StaffAny Any2,500 Crowns(Item) Charmed Shamrock Staff.png
End o' the Rainbow WandAny Any500 Crowns(Item) End o' the Rainbow Wand.png
Guardian's WandAny Any500 Crowns(Item) Guardian's Wand.png
Shillelagh of ReformationAny Any500 Crowns(Item) Shillelagh of Reformation.png
Four Leaf ScepterAny Any2,500 Crowns(Item) Four Leaf Scepter.png
Staff of Gracious FortuneAny Any500 Crowns(Item) Staff of Gracious Fortune.png
Sacred Heart StaffAny Any500 Crowns(Item) Sacred Heart Staff.png
Adventurer's ShillelaghAny Any500 Crowns(Item) Adventurer's Shillelagh.png
Clover of ProsperityAny Any2,500 Crowns(Item) Clover of Prosperity.png
Golden Windfall StaffAny Any500 Crowns(Item) Golden Windfall Staff.png
Staff of the DefenderAny Any500 Crowns(Item) Staff of the Defender.png
Curmudgeon's CudgelAny Any500 Crowns(Item) Curmudgeon's Cudgel.png
Little Clover StaffAny Any2,500 Crowns(Item) Little Clover Staff.png
Wand of RecompenseAny Any500 Crowns(Item) Wand of Recompense.png
Stave of the ProtectorAny Any500 Crowns(Item) Stave of the Protector.png
Diviner's ShillelaghAny Any500 Crowns(Item) Diviner's Shillelagh.png
Shamrock of SpringAny Any2,500 Crowns(Item) Shamrock of Spring.png
Lucky Coin Cauldron StaffAny Any500 Crowns(Item) Lucky Coin Cauldron Staff.png
Staff of HeraldryAny Any500 Crowns(Item) Staff of Heraldry.png
Leprechaun's WalkingstickAny Any500 Crowns(Item) Leprechaun's Walkingstick.png
Cloverbranch of MomentumAny Any2,500 Crowns(Item) Cloverbranch of Momentum.png

Pets for Sale

Lucky Leprechaun1,500 Crowns(Pet) Lucky Leprechaun.png
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