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NPC:Keisar Hal'am

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(NPC) Keisar Hal'am.png
Keisar Hal'am
Krokotopia - The Oasis - Krokotopia Athame & Hat Shop
The Krokotopia Hat and Athame vendor. A smart Wizard never goes out without a hat, or a good blade...
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
» Pitter Pattern
Ends Quests

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Hats for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Tempest CowlAny375-382Gold(Item) Tempest Cowl Male.png(Item) Tempest Cowl Female.png
Snowflake CowlAny369-378Gold(Item) Snowflake Cowl Male.png(Item) Snowflake Cowl Female.png
Charred CowlAny373-378Gold(Item) Charred Cowl Male.png(Item) Charred Cowl Female.png
Sphinx's CircletAny738-764Gold(Item) Sphinx's Circlet Male.png(Item) Sphinx's Circlet Female.png
Sandblasted CapAny738-764Gold(Item) Sandblasted Cap Male.png(Item) Sandblasted Cap Female.png
Initiate's HelmAny1,843-1,909Gold(Item) Initiate's Helm Male.png(Item) Initiate's Helm Female.png
Dusty HoodAny1,951-2,005Gold(Item) Dusty Hood Male.png(Item) Dusty Hood Female.png
Helm of ComposureIce1,935-1,980Gold(Item) Helm of Composure Male.png(Item) Helm of Composure Female.png
Pyromancer's Lambent HatAny1,956-1,980Gold(Item) Pyromancer's Lambent Hat Male.png(Item) Pyromancer's Lambent Hat Female.png
Sorcerer's Maroon HatAny2,767-2,836Gold(Item) Sorcerer's Maroon Hat Male.png(Item) Sorcerer's Maroon Hat Female.png
Hood of the OracleAny2,768-2,798Gold(Item) Hood of the Oracle Male.png(Item) Hood of the Oracle Female.png
Helm of ImaginationAny2,772-2,828Gold(Item) Helm of Imagination Male.png(Item) Helm of Imagination Female.png
Mask of VisionAny2,805-2,856Gold(Item) Mask of Vision Male.png(Item) Mask of Vision Female.png

Athames for Sale

Powerful StilettoAny340Gold(Item) Powerful Stiletto.png
Glittering DaggerAny680Gold(Item) Glittering Dagger.png
Shortblade of CunningBalance1,890Gold(Item) Shortblade of Cunning.png
Athame of DormancyDeath1,890Gold(Item) Athame of Dormancy.png
Charred AthameFire1,890Gold(Item) Charred Athame.png
Bitter DirkIce1,890Gold(Item) Bitter Dirk.png
Flowering DaggerLife1,890Gold(Item) Flowering Dagger.png
Dagger of ImaginationMyth1,890Gold(Item) Dagger of Imagination.png
Shortblade of the CycloneStorm1,890Gold(Item) Shortblade of the Cyclone.png
Dirk of the CitadelAny1,890Gold(Item) Dirk of the Citadel.png
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