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NPC:Inyanga Whitestripes

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(NPC) Inyanga Whitestripes 3.png
Banyan Tower (Lower Level)
(NPC) Inyanga Whitestripes 4.png
Banyan Tower (Upper Level)
Inyanga Whitestripes
Witch Doctor
Zafaria - Baobab Crossroads
Wizard City - Ravenwood - Isle Of Arachnis
Khrysalis - Tyrian Gorge - Banyan Tower
Khrysalis - Bastion
Wizard City - The Commons - Ravenwood (Graduation Ceremony)
Arcanum - The Arcanum - Recovery Room
Inyanga Whitestripes is a Witch Doctor who welcomes Wizards in Zafaria. He is crucial in guiding Wizards through the events occurring in this world.
Gives Quests
» Jambo Means Hello
» Meet the Elephants
» Into the Lion's Jaws
» Fruit of Life
» Lioness Sleeps Tonight
» Book of Babalawo
» Local Treasures
» Off the Boil
» Heart of Darkness
» Chasing Shadows
» Through Glass, Darkly
» The Staff of Solomon
» Mane of Terror
» Astral Weeks
» Bungle in the Jungle
» Professor Who?
» Relative Dimensions
» Diamond Forge
Quest Goals
» Letters of Light
» Blind Eye
» Back in the Saddle
Ends Quests
» Missing Class
» Restricted Access
» Permission Granted
» Meddling Wizards
» Fruit of Life
» Heal Me
» Book of Babalawo
» Local Treasures
» Tree of Woe
» Heart of Darkness
» Chasing Shadows
» The Staff of Solomon
» Mane of Terror
» Professor Who?
» Relative Dimensions
» The Third Point

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