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NPC:Hared Haesir

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(NPC) Hared Haesir.png
Hared Haesir
Krokotopia - The Oasis - Krokotopia Robe Shop
The Krokotopia Robe vendor, Hared's selection of fashionable styles is what all the Wizards are wearing this year.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
Ends Quests


Robes for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceMale ImageFemale Image
Ancient CloakAny Any491 Gold(Item) Ancient Cloak Male.png(Item) Ancient Cloak Female.png
Cryptkeeper's CloakAny Any491 Gold(Item) Cryptkeeper's Cloak Male.png(Item) Cryptkeeper's Cloak Female.png
Flowering MantleAny Any491 Gold(Item) Flowering Mantle Male.png(Item) Flowering Mantle Female.png
Tunic of Tall TalesAny Any491 Gold(Item) Tunic of Tall Tales Male.png(Item) Tunic of Tall Tales Female.png
Tunic of the TempleAny Any1,226 Gold(Item) Tunic of the Temple Male.png(Item) Tunic of the Temple Female.png
Robe of CunningBalance Balance3,676 Gold(Item) Robe of Cunning Male.png(Item) Robe of Cunning Female.png
Tunic of EntrancementDeath Death3,676 Gold(Item) Tunic of Entrancement Male.png(Item) Tunic of Entrancement Female.png
Vestment of RevelationsLife Life3,676 Gold(Item) Vestment of Revelations Male.png(Item) Vestment of Revelations Female.png
Paradoxical VestMyth Myth3,676 Gold(Item) Paradoxical Vest Male.png(Item) Paradoxical Vest Female.png
Garment of ArtistryStorm Storm3,676 Gold(Item) Garment of Artistry Male.png(Item) Garment of Artistry Female.png
Tunic of SeverityIce Ice3,676 Gold(Item) Tunic of Severity Male.png(Item) Tunic of Severity Female.png
Sweltering VestmentFire Fire3,676 Gold(Item) Sweltering Vestment Male.png(Item) Sweltering Vestment Female.png
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