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NPC:Gaius Silverthistle

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(NPC) Gaius Silverthistle.png
Wizard City Hat Shop
Gaius Silverthistle
Hat Shopkeeper
Wizard City - Shopping District - Wizard City Hat Shop
Gaius Silverthistle manages a Hat shop in Wizard City's Shopping District, where she sells beginner's equipment to Novice, Apprentice, and Initiate Wizards.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
Ends Quests


Hats for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceMale ImageFemale Image
Challenger's HelmAny Any24 Gold(Item) Challenger's Helm Male.png(Item) Challenger's Helm Female.png
Shroud of AudacityAny Any24 Gold(Item) Shroud of Audacity Male.png(Item) Shroud of Audacity Female.png
Resistive MaskAny Any24 Gold(Item) Resistive Mask Male.png(Item) Resistive Mask Female.png
Proactive CowlAny Any24 Gold(Item) Proactive Cowl Male.png(Item) Proactive Cowl Female.png
Soft HoodAny Any24 Gold(Item) Soft Hood Male.png(Item) Soft Hood Female.png
Hat of MutinyAny Any48 Gold(Item) Hat of Mutiny Male.png(Item) Hat of Mutiny Female.png
Cap of the AggressorAny Any48 Gold(Item) Cap of the Aggressor Male.png(Item) Cap of the Aggressor Female.png
Helm of DaringAny Any139 Gold(Item) Helm of Daring Male.png(Item) Helm of Daring Female.png
Cap of AdvantagesAny Any139 Gold(Item) Cap of Advantages Male.png(Item) Cap of Advantages Female.png
Helm of AudacityAny Any277 Gold(Item) Helm of Audacity Male.png(Item) Helm of Audacity Female.png
Cowl of the SpiderAny Any369 Gold(Item) Cowl of the Spider Male.png(Item) Cowl of the Spider Female.png
Branded HelmFire Fire415 Gold(Item) Branded Helm Male.png(Item) Branded Helm Female.png
Fortuitous CapIce Ice415 Gold(Item) Fortuitous Cap Male.png(Item) Fortuitous Cap Female.png
GustshroudStorm Storm369 Gold(Item) Gustshroud Male.png(Item) Gustshroud Female.png
Ancient HelmMyth Myth415 Gold(Item) Ancient Helm Male.png(Item) Ancient Helm Female.png
Hat of HardinessLife Life415 Gold(Item) Hat of Hardiness Male.png(Item) Hat of Hardiness Female.png
Cowl of CalamityDeath Death415 Gold(Item) Cowl of Calamity Male.png(Item) Cowl of Calamity Female.png
Khaki CapBalance Balance415 Gold(Item) Khaki Cap Male.png(Item) Khaki Cap Female.png
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