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NPC:Francis Lux

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(NPC) Francis Lux.png
Francis Lux
Avalon - Abbey Road - Standing Tower
Francis Lux is the Treasure Card Vendor in Avalon. He is located in the west area of Abbey Road, inside the Standing Tower. His shop is called "Francis' Card Collection."
Gives Quests
» From Whole Cloth
» Uncut History
» The Way of Wyrd
» The Art of Magic
Quest Goals
» Knight of the Sacred Words
» The Art of Magic
Ends Quests
» Down in the Bayeux
» From Whole Cloth
» Uncut History
» The Way of Wyrd
» The Art of Magic

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Fire Treasure Cards for Sale

Fire Shield150Gold(Treasure Card) Fire Shield.png
Tranquilize300Gold(Treasure Card) Tranquilize.png
Fire Trap350Gold(Treasure Card) Fire Trap.png
Mega Tranquilize500Gold(Treasure Card) Mega Tranquilize.png
Fire Prism600Gold(Treasure Card) Fire Prism.png
Quench700Gold(Treasure Card) Quench.png
Glacial Shield700Gold(Treasure Card) Glacial Shield.png
Firespear800Gold(Treasure Card) Firespear.png
Fireblade1,000Gold(Treasure Card) Fireblade.png
Take Power1,050Gold(Treasure Card) Take Power.png
Helephant1,200Gold(Treasure Card) Helephant.png

Ice Treasure Cards for Sale

Snow Shield150Gold(Treasure Card) Snow Shield.png
Draw Health300Gold(Treasure Card) Draw Health.png
Volcanic Shield350Gold(Treasure Card) Volcanic Shield.png
Ice Trap350Gold(Treasure Card) Ice Trap.png
Tower Shield450Gold(Treasure Card) Tower Shield.png
Distract500Gold(Treasure Card) Distract.png
Ice Prism600Gold(Treasure Card) Ice Prism.png
Mega Distract700Gold(Treasure Card) Mega Distract.png
Melt700Gold(Treasure Card) Melt.png
Icespear800Gold(Treasure Card) Icespear.png
Iceblade1,000Gold(Treasure Card) Iceblade.png
Colossus1,200Gold(Treasure Card) Colossus.png

Storm Treasure Cards for Sale

Storm Shield150Gold(Treasure Card) Storm Shield.png
Soothe300Gold(Treasure Card) Soothe.png
Storm Trap350Gold(Treasure Card) Storm Trap.png
Thermic Shield350Gold(Treasure Card) Thermic Shield.png
Mega Soothe500Gold(Treasure Card) Mega Soothe.png
Storm Prism600Gold(Treasure Card) Storm Prism.png
Dissipate700Gold(Treasure Card) Dissipate.png
Stormspear800Gold(Treasure Card) Stormspear.png
Stormzilla1,000Gold(Treasure Card) Stormzilla.png
Stormblade1,000Gold(Treasure Card) Stormblade.png
Sap Power1,200Gold(Treasure Card) Sap Power.png
Triton2,200Gold(Treasure Card) Triton.png

Myth Treasure Cards for Sale

Myth Shield150Gold(Treasure Card) Myth Shield.png
Buff Minion150Gold(Treasure Card) Buff Minion.png
Subdue300Gold(Treasure Card) Subdue.png
Myth Trap350Gold(Treasure Card) Myth Trap.png
Ether Shield350Gold(Treasure Card) Ether Shield.png
Mend Minion400Gold(Treasure Card) Mend Minion.png
Mega Subdue4500Gold(Treasure Card) Mega Subdue.png
Myth Prism600Gold(Treasure Card) Myth Prism.png
Mythspear800Gold(Treasure Card) Mythspear.png
Mythblade1,000Gold(Treasure Card) Mythblade.png
Vaporize1,500Gold(Treasure Card) Vaporize.png
Earthquake2,600Gold(Treasure Card) Earthquake.png

Life Treasure Cards for Sale

Life Shield150Gold(Treasure Card) Life Shield.png
Calm300Gold(Treasure Card) Calm.png
Legend Shield350Gold(Treasure Card) Legend Shield.png
Life Trap350Gold(Treasure Card) Life Trap.png
Nature's Wrath400Gold(Treasure Card) Nature's Wrath.png
Drain Health400Gold(Treasure Card) Drain Health.png
Mega Calm500Gold(Treasure Card) Mega Calm.png
Spirit Armor500Gold(Treasure Card) Spirit Armor.png
Life Prism600Gold(Treasure Card) Life Prism.png
Lifespear800Gold(Treasure Card) Lifespear.png
Lifeblade1,000Gold(Treasure Card) Lifeblade.png
Centaur1,200Gold(Treasure Card) Centaur.png
Unicorn2,000Gold(Treasure Card) Unicorn.png
Dryad3,000Gold(Treasure Card) Dryad.png
Entangle3,000Gold(Treasure Card) Entangle.png

Death Treasure Cards for Sale

Death Shield150Gold(Treasure Card) Death Shield.png
Pacify300Gold(Treasure Card) Pacify.png
Death Trap350Gold(Treasure Card) Death Trap.png
Dream Shield350Gold(Treasure Card) Dream Shield.png
Mega Pacify500Gold(Treasure Card) Mega Pacify.png
Steal Health500Gold(Treasure Card) Steal Health.png
Death Prism600Gold(Treasure Card) Death Prism.png
Deathspear800Gold(Treasure Card) Deathspear.png
Deathblade1,000Gold(Treasure Card) Deathblade.png
Wraith1,200Gold(Treasure Card) Wraith.png
Strangle1,500Gold(Treasure Card) Strangle.png

Balance Treasure Cards for Sale

Spirit Trap450Gold(Treasure Card) Spirit Trap.png
Spirit Blade450Gold(Treasure Card) Spirit Blade.png
Elemental Trap450Gold(Treasure Card) Elemental Trap.png
Elemental Blade450Gold(Treasure Card) Elemental Blade.png
Sap Health450Gold(Treasure Card) Sap Health.png
Elemental Spear1,000Gold(Treasure Card) Elemental Spear.png
Spirit Spear1,000Gold(Treasure Card) Spirit Spear.png
Reshuffle1,100Gold(Treasure Card) Reshuffle.png
Hydra1,200Gold(Treasure Card) Hydra.png
Elemental Shield1,350Gold(Treasure Card) Elemental Shield.png
Spirit Shield1,350Gold(Treasure Card) Spirit Shield.png
Unbalance1,500Gold(Treasure Card) Unbalance.png
Spirit Defuse2,000Gold(Treasure Card) Spirit Defuse.png
Elemental Defuse2,000Gold(Treasure Card) Elemental Defuse.png

Astral Treasure Cards for Sale

Sniper150Gold(Treasure Card) Sniper.png
Monstrous250Gold(Treasure Card) Monstrous.png
Unstoppable250Gold(Treasure Card) Unstoppable.png
Gargantuan500Gold(Treasure Card) Gargantuan.png

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