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NPC:Crown Shop

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(NPC) Crown Shop.png
Crown Shop
Crown Shop

The Crown Shop can be selected from the upper left corner of your game screen and sells a wide variety of items from every aspect of the game. Most items sell for Crowns, though many can be bought for Gold. Most merchandise is not sold anywhere else, though several items can be found from select vendors as well.

Due to page size restrictions, the Crown Shop is split into four different pages. This page contains information about buying Gameplay items such as henchmen, emotes, teleport effects, and gold. See the navigation bar above for all other categories.

The inventory and prices of items in this "shop" are constantly changing. Many items formerly sold by the Crown Shop can become retired in a sense, though they can return to the shop if KingsIsle wishes it. Aside from "normal" game items, the Crown Shop also sells Elixirs that can improve your performance in the game or change your appearance temporarily, allows you to buy Gold with Crowns, rents Henchmen for Duels, and sells Card Packs of Snacks, Treasure Cards, and Reagents.

The Crown Shop can be accessed from the upper left of your screen anywhere in the game.

Crown Shop Item Quick Links

Gives Quests
Quest Goals
Ends Quests



Fire Henchmen Fire

204Eldon DragonBloom800 Health20
305Crystal LightSpear1,200 Health30
406Cuthbert DragonHawk1,500 Health40
507Oddvor KindleShard2,100 Health50
608Pon-Pei2,100 Health75
709Oldupai BlueFire2,300 Health100
8010Torchbeard2,500 Health200
9011Macuahuitl Skyfang2,700 Health250
10012Milqueroast3,200 Health275
11013Inspector LeDoux3,500 Health300
12014Charcay4,700 Health325
13015Rumbler5,950 Health350
14016Whatchamagolem6,715 Health375
15017Koolakamba Rogue7,385 Health385
16018Golden Horde Sellsword4,014 Health400

Ice Henchmen Ice

204August SleetSword900 Health20
305Hubert SilverBrand1,400 Health30
406Naida Windchill1,700 Health40
507Hallvor Iceguard2,300 Health50
608Quintus Dis2,600 Health75
709Segai Wintershield3,200 Health100
8010Mad Marty3,600 Health200
9011Rocha Rage-Sun4,000 Health250
10012Kilmer IceMouse4,700 Health275
11013Elran ShiverWind5,100 Health300
12014Bluto5,600 Health325
13015Sita7,100 Health350
14016Heinz Schneefall7,630 Health375
15017Cool Buddy8,395 Health385
16018Freelance Revolutionary4,905 Health400

Storm Henchmen Storm

204August Rainforge700 Health20
305Esme Rainbright1,100 Health30
406Blain Seastrider1,400 Health40
507Torgut2,000 Health50
608Borasco2,000 Health75
709Nandi Thunderspear2,100 Health100
8010Diamond Rexx2,200 Health200
9011Xochi Battle Flower2,300 Health250
10012Shenker ChangingWind2,800 Health275
11013Dmitri SteelJaw3,100 Health300
12014Purria4,500 Health325
13015Zenaida5,700 Health350
14016Willow6,485 Health375
15017Weather Eye7,135 Health385
16018Royal Mercenary3,567 Health400

Myth Henchmen Myth

204Rianna Ironsinger800 Health20
305Alyse Dawnstar1,200 Health30
406Seth Shatterspell1,500 Health40
507Stone Eye2,100 Health50
608Furio2,100 Health75
709Maman Brijit2,300 Health100
8010Grinning Lynn2,500 Health200
9011Au Puch Dartwing2,700 Health250
10012Hexura NightMoss3,200 Health275
11013Blerg3,500 Health300
12014Ahnsar4,800 Health325
13015Solen6,075 Health350
14016Honeybadger Queen6,715 Health375
15017Mander Mercenary7,385 Health385
16018Novus Wolf4,014 Health400

Life Henchmen Life

204Calvin MoonPetal850 Health20
305Sondra LifeGiver1,300 Health30
406Adira WillowBlade1,600 Health40
507Salvus2,200 Health50
608Lucius Permarini2,200 Health75
709Jabari Longspear2,400 Health100
8010Varney Spelljam2,600 Health200
9011Awilix Nightwing2,800 Health250
10012Raggedy Max3,300 Health275
11013Ethru NumbSkull3,600 Health300
12014Tartagna5,100 Health325
13015Corisande6,450 Health350
14016Werner Lebhaft7,095 Health375
15017Hierarch Alia7,805 Health385
16018Rescue Bankhar5,351 Health400

Death Henchmen Death

204Deidre MoonThorn800 Health20
305Mortimer SoulRider1,200 Health30
406Morgan WhisperCrow1,500 Health40
507Slahan2,100 Health50
608Silas McShane2,100 Health75
709Khaldun Bloodtusk2,300 Health100
8010Sir Meex Ellote2,500 Health200
9011Tzitzim Poisoned Arrow2,700 Health250
10012Kit GossamerLight3,200 Health275
11013Lyuba DarkDream3,500 Health300
12014Valagash4,900 Health325
13015Rufus6,200 Health350
14016The Necrohamster6,870 Health375
15017Ravenous Carnosaur7,555 Health385
16018Monquistador of Fortune4,459 Health400

Balance Henchmen Balance

204Renn SwiftWeaver800 Health20
305Morwen FairSight1,200 Health30
406Romona Evenflow1,500 Health40
507Stieg2,100 Health50
608Oceandroid2,400 Health75
709Aejej Stonetusk Musuth2,500 Health100
8010Sir Thomas Woodward2,750 Health200
9011Loco de Aguirre3,000 Health250
10012Lepido DustWing3,550 Health275
11013Sergeant Bash3,850 Health300
12014Qhuyar5,000 Health325
13015Beulah6,325 Health350
14016Otto Korecht6,870 Health375
15017Ferocious Fossa7,555 Health385
16018Valencian Condottiere4,459 Health400


Gold Crowns Conversion Rate
10,000 Gold 6,800 Crowns 1.47 Gold per Crown
25,000 Gold 13,500 Crowns 1.85 Gold per Crown
50,000 Gold 24,000 Crowns 2.08 Gold per Crown
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