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NPC:Crown Shop

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(NPC) Crown Shop.png


The Crown Shop can be selected from the upper left corner of your game screen and sells a wide variety of items from every aspect of the game. Most items sell for Crowns, though many can be bought for Gold. Most merchandise is not sold anywhere else, though several items can be found from select vendors as well.

The inventory and prices of items in this "shop" are constantly changing. Many items formerly sold by the Crown Shop can become retired in a sense, though they can return to the shop if KingsIsle wishes it. Aside from "normal" game items, the Crown Shop also sells Elixirs that can improve your performance in the game or change your appearance temporarily, allows you to buy Gold with Crowns, rents Henchmen for Duels, and sells Card Packs of Snacks, Treasure Cards, and Reagents.


The Crown Shop can be accessed from the upper left of your screen anywhere in the game.

Links to things sold at the Crown Shop

Click Here For a List of Past and Present Crown Shop Items
Card Packs


Hats for Sale

Hats for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Angelic HelmAny1,680Crowns(Item) Angelic Helm Male.png(Item) Angelic Helm Female.png
Augmented MantleAny1,200Crowns(Item) Augmented Mantle Male.png(Item) Augmented Mantle Female.png
Cap of the Frost ShrineIce4,500Crowns125x125px(Item) Cap of the Frost Shrine Female.png
Conjurer's Poetic BeretMyth4,500Crowns125x125px(Item) Conjurer's Poetic Beret Female.png
Diviner's Deep Rolling HatStorm4,500Crowns125x125px(Item) Diviner's Deep Rolling Hat Female.png
Ghost Chaser HatDeath4,500Crowns125x125px(Item) Ghost Chaser Hat Female.png
Hat of Perfect PoiseBalance4,500Crowns125x125px(Item) Hat of Perfect Poise Female.png
Hat of Rising StakesAny1,440Crowns(Item) Hat of Rising Stakes Male.png(Item) Hat of Rising Stakes Female.png
Hat of the ArchmageAny4,500Crowns(Item) Hat of the Archmage Male.png(Item) Hat of the Archmage Female.png
Headgear of the SylphAny1,680Crowns(Item) Headgear of the Sylph Male.png(Item) Headgear of the Sylph Female.png
Heavy Rain CapStorm4,500Crowns(Item) Heavy Rain Cap Male.png(Item) Heavy Rain Cap Female.png
Magician's BeretAny4,500Crowns(Item) Magician's Beret Male.png(Item) Magician's Beret Female.png
Midsummer's CowlAny960Crowns(Item) Midsummer's Cowl Male.png(Item) Midsummer's Cowl Female.png
Necro's Long Sleep BeretDeath4,500Crowns125x125px(Item) Necro's Long Sleep Beret Female.png
Oracle's True BeretMyth4,500Crowns125x125px(Item) Oracle's True Beret Female.png
Pyro's Bright HatFire4,500Crowns125x125px(Item) Pyro's Bright Hat Female.png
Reinforced HelmetAny3,840Crowns(Item) Reinforced Helmet Male.png(Item) Reinforced Helmet Female.png
Salamander's Dashing BeretFire4,500Crowns125x125px(Item) Salamander's Dashing Beret Female.png
Sorcerer's Pointy HatBalance4,500Crowns125x125px125x125px
Spectral CowlAny1,440Crowns(Item) Spectral Cowl Male.png(Item) Spectral Cowl Female.png
Thaumaturge's Chill BeretIce4,500Crowns(Item) Thaumaturge's Chill Beret Male.png125x125px
Theurgist's Vibrant CapuchonLife4,500Crowns125x125px125x125px
Veil of SparksAny960Crowns(Item) Veil of Sparks Male.png(Item) Veil of Sparks Female.png
Wolverine's HelmAny3,840Crowns(Item) Wolverine's Helm Male.png(Item) Wolverine's Helm Female.png
Woodsman's VeilAny1,200Crowns(Item) Woodsman's Veil Male.png(Item) Woodsman's Veil Female.png

Robes for Sale

Robes for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Conjurer's Poetic JacketMyth6,000Crowns125x125px125x125px
Diviner's Deep Rolling VestStorm6,000Crowns125x125px125x125px
Ghost Chaser JerkinDeath6,000Crowns125x125px125x125px
Harvest Foe's RobeAny1,440Crowns(Item) Harvest Foe's Robe Male.png(Item) Harvest Foe's Robe Female.png
Howling RaimentAny1,200Crowns(Item) Howling Raiment Male.png(Item) Howling Raiment Female.png
Infernal DrapeAny1,680Crowns(Item) Infernal Drape Male.png(Item) Infernal Drape Female.png
Jacket of Heavy RainStorm6,000Crowns(Item) Jacket of Heavy Rain Male.png(Item) Jacket of Heavy Rain Female.png
Jacket of Perfect PoiseBalance6,000Crowns125x125px125x125px
Jacket of WithstandingAny1,200Crowns(Item) Jacket of Withstanding Male.png(Item) Jacket of Withstanding Female.png
Magician's TunicAny6,000Crowns(Item) Magician's Tunic Male.png(Item) Magician's Tunic Female.png
Necro's Jacket of Long SleepDeath6,000Crowns125x125px125x125px
Nosferatu's CloakAny3,840Crowns(Item) Nosferatu's Cloak Male.png(Item) Nosferatu's Cloak Female.png
Oracle's True TunicMyth6,000Crowns125x125px125x125px
Phantasmal RaimentAny1,440Crowns(Item) Phantasmal Raiment Male.png(Item) Phantasmal Raiment Female.png
Pyro's Bright RobesFire6,000Crowns125x125px125x125px
Raiment of NephriteLife6,000Crowns125x125px(Item) Raiment of Nephrite Female.png
Robes of the ArchmageAny6,000Crowns(Item) Robes of the Archmage Male.png(Item) Robes of the Archmage Female.png
Robes of the Frost ShrineIce6,000Crowns(Item) Robes of the Frost Shrine Male.png(Item) Robes of the Frost Shrine Female.png
Salamander's Dashing TunicFire6,000Crowns125x125px(Item) Salamander's Dashing Tunic Female.png
Sorcerer's Melodious GarbBalance6,000Crowns125x125px(Item) Sorcerer's Melodious Garb Female.png
Surcoat of the ChargeAny5,260Crowns(Item) Surcoat of the Charge Male.png(Item) Surcoat of the Charge Female.png
Thaumaturge's Chill DrapeIce6,000Crowns125x125px(Item) Thaumaturge's Chill Drape Female.png
Theurgist's Vibrant CoatLife6,000Crowns125x125px(Item) Theurgist's Vibrant Coat Female.png
Tunic of Fiery RenewalAny3,840Crowns(Item) Tunic of Fiery Renewal Male.png(Item) Tunic of Fiery Renewal Female.png
Vestment of AssistanceAny1,680Crowns(Item) Vestment of Assistance Male.png(Item) Vestment of Assistance Female.png
Vestment of the ChillAny5,260Crowns(Item) Vestment of the Chill Male.png(Item) Vestment of the Chill Female.png

Boots for Sale

Boots for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Boots of the ArchmageAny4,500Crowns(Item) Boots of the Archmage Male.png(Item) Boots of the Archmage Female.png
Boots of the CometAny5,140Crowns(Item) Boots of the Comet Male.png(Item) Boots of the Comet Female.png
Boots of the ElementsAny1,200Crowns(Item) Boots of the Elements Male.png(Item) Boots of the Elements Female.png
Boots of the SlipstreamAny2,480Crowns(Item) Boots of the Slipstream Male.png(Item) Boots of the Slipstream Female.png
Boots of the TitanAny1,680Crowns(Item) Boots of the Titan Male.png(Item) Boots of the Titan Female.png
Brogans of DecrepitudeAny1,440Crowns(Item) Brogans of Decrepitude Male.png(Item) Brogans of Decrepitude Female.png
Conjurer's Poetic BootsMyth4,500Crowns125x125px125x125px
Diviner's Deep Rolling WadersStorm4,500Crowns125x125px125x125px
Even FootingAny1,440Crowns(Item) Even Footing Male.png(Item) Even Footing Female.png
Footgear of MaledictionAny720Crowns(Item) Footgear of Malediction Male.png(Item) Footgear of Malediction Female.png
Frost Shrine SlippersIce4,500Crowns(Item) Frost Shrine Slippers Male.png125x125px
Ghost ChasersDeath4,500Crowns(Item) Ghost Chasers Male.png125x125px
Heavy Rain SlippersStorm4,500Crowns(Item) Heavy Rain Slippers Male.png(Item) Heavy Rain Slippers Female.png
Ill-Omened StridersAny960Crowns(Item) Ill-Omened Striders Male.png(Item) Ill-Omened Striders Female.png
Magician's SlippersAny4,500Crowns(Item) Magician's Slippers Male.png125x125px
Magma-WalkersAny960Crowns(Item) Magma-Walkers Male.png(Item) Magma-Walkers Female.png
Necro's Boots of Long SleepDeath4,500Crowns125x125px125x125px
Oracle's True SlippersMyth4,500Crowns125x125px125x125px
Pyro's Bright WalkersFire4,500Crowns125x125px125x125px
Salamander's Dashing SlippersFire4,500Crowns(Item) Salamander's Dashing Slippers Male.png(Item) Salamander's Dashing Slippers Female.png
Slippers of NephriteLife4,500Crowns(Item) Slippers of Nephrite Male.png(Item) Slippers of Nephrite Female.png
Slippers of Perfect PoiseBalance4,500Crowns(Item) Slippers of Perfect Poise Male.png(Item) Slippers of Perfect Poise Female.png
Sorcerer's Castle StridersBalance4,500Crowns125x125px125x125px
Striders of the VergeAny1,200Crowns(Item) Striders of the Verge Male.png(Item) Striders of the Verge Female.png
Thaumaturge's Chill WadersIce4,500Crowns125x125px125x125px
Theurgist's Vibrant BootsLife4,500Crowns125x125px125x125px
Warded FootwearAny1,680Crowns(Item) Warded Footwear Male.png(Item) Warded Footwear Female.png
Watchtower BootsAny720Crowns(Item) Watchtower Boots Male.png(Item) Watchtower Boots Female.png

Wands for Sale

Wands for Sale

Arcane StaffAny2,995Crowns(Item) Arcane Staff.png
Ascendant StaffAny2,500Crowns(Item) Ascendant Staff.png
Black Sun LanceAny5,495Crowns(Item) Black Sun Lance.png
Bolt BladeAny1,695Crowns(Item) Bolt Blade.png
Celestian TridentAny3,995Crowns(Item) Celestian Trident.png
Cerulean EdgeAny3,995Crowns(Item) Cerulean Edge.png
Crescent Axe of the AstralsAny4,995Crowns(Item) Crescent Axe of the Astrals.png
Last Quetzal's BiteAny5,495Crowns(Item) Last Quetzal's Bite.png
Lifeforce BladeAny4,295Crowns(Item) Lifeforce Blade.png
Lunarium's RevelationAny5,995Crowns(Item) Lunarium's Revelation.png
Phosphorescent MaulAny2,495Crowns(Item) Phosphorescent Maul.png
Resplendent RodAny60Crowns(Item) Resplendent Rod.png
Scepter of TributeAny45Crowns(Item) Scepter of Tribute.png
Sidhe StaffAny4,495Crowns(Item) Sidhe Staff.png
Spear of Tenacious ResolveAny6,495Crowns(Item) Spear of Tenacious Resolve.png
Staff of the SubjugatorAny6,495Crowns(Item) Staff of the Subjugator.png
Staff of Viridian FluxAny5,495Crowns(Item) Staff of Viridian Flux.png
Swarm Commander's BatonAny6,495Crowns(Item) Swarm Commander's Baton.png
Talon of PestilenceAny6,495Crowns(Item) Talon of Pestilence.png
Viridian Charged WandAny5,995Crowns(Item) Viridian Charged Wand.png
Waraxe of the Old TimesAny6,495Crowns(Item) Waraxe of the Old Times.png
Winged DeliveranceAny5,295Crowns(Item) Winged Deliverance.png
World Burner RodAny5995Crowns(Item) World Burner Rod.png

Amulets for Sale

Amulets for Sale

Balance Mastery AmuletAny9,950Crowns(Item) Balance Mastery Amulet.png
Death Mastery AmuletAny9,950Crowns(Item) Death Mastery Amulet.png
Fire Mastery AmuletAny9,950Crowns(Item) Fire Mastery Amulet.png
Ice Mastery AmuletAny9,950Crowns(Item) Ice Mastery Amulet.png
Life Mastery AmuletAny9,950Crowns(Item) Life Mastery Amulet.png
Myth Mastery AmuletAny9,950Crowns(Item) Myth Mastery Amulet.png
Storm Mastery AmuletAny9,950Crowns(Item) Storm Mastery Amulet.png

Rings for Sale

Rings for Sale

Band of AidAny725Crowns(Item) Band of Aid.png
Band of PurposeAny260Crowns(Item) Band of Purpose.png
Invigorating SignetAny595Crowns(Item) Invigorating Signet.png
Loop of RefreshmentAny595Crowns(Item) Loop of Refreshment.png
Ring of RefreshmentAny260Crowns(Item) Ring of Refreshment.png
Ring of the HaleAny480Crowns(Item) Ring of the Hale.png
Ring of the RoseAny725Crowns(Item) Ring of the Rose.png
Signet of SignificanceAny375Crowns(Item) Signet of Significance.png
Verdurous BandAny480Crowns(Item) Verdurous Band.png
Youthful SealAny375Crowns(Item) Youthful Seal.png

Athames for Sale

Athames for Sale

Benevolent KnifeAny725Crowns(Item) Benevolent Knife.png
Blade of the BerserkerAny725Crowns(Item) Blade of the Berserker.png
Bodkin of the HeartyAny595Crowns(Item) Bodkin of the Hearty.png
Charged KnifeAny480Crowns(Item) Charged Knife.png
Galvanic GlaiveAny480Crowns(Item) Galvanic Glaive.png
HeartsteelAny260Crowns(Item) Heartsteel.png
Keen-Edged DirkAny375Crowns(Item) Keen-Edged Dirk.png
Shortblade of the QuickAny260Crowns(Item) Shortblade of the Quick.png
Sparking SteelAny375Crowns(Item) Sparking Steel.png
Surgeon's ScalpelAny595Crowns(Item) Surgeon's Scalpel.png

Castles for Sale

Castles for Sale

Avalon Castle Plot3,500Crowns/Gold(House) Avalon Castle Plot.png
Balance House10,000/100,000Crowns/Gold(House) Balance House.png
Death House10,000/100,000Crowns/Gold(House) Death House.png
Dragon's Fjord10,000/100,000Crowns/Gold(House) Dragon's Fjord.png
Fire House10,000/100,000Crowns/Gold(House) Fire House.png
Ice House10,000/100,000Crowns/Gold(House) Ice House.png
Island Getaway10,000/100,000Crowns/Gold(House) Island Getaway.png
Jungle House Boat5,000/50,000Crowns/Gold(House) Jungle House Boat.png
Life House10,000/100,000Crowns/Gold(House) Life House.png
Myth House10,000/100,000Crowns/Gold(House) Myth House.png
Red Barn Farm12,500/125,000Crowns/Gold(House) Red Barn Farm.png
Storm House10,000/100,000Crowns/Gold(House) Storm House.png
Sunken Palace10,000/100,000Crowns/Gold(House) Sunken Palace.png
Wizard's Watchtower7,500/75,000Crowns/Gold(House) Wizard's Watchtower.png
Wysteria Villa10,000/100,000Crowns/Gold(House) Wysteria Villa.png

Housing for Sale

(Gauntlets) Outdoor for Sale

Baddle of the Bands500Crowns(House) Baddle of the Bands.png
Krokopatra Exalted Duel500Crowns(House) Krokopatra Exalted Duel.png
Krokopatra Master Duel500Crowns(House) Krokopatra Master Duel.png
Meowiarty Archmage Duel500Crowns(House) Meowiarty Archmage Duel.png
Meowiarty Exalted Duel500Crowns(House) Meowiarty Exalted Duel.png
Rattlebones Exalted Duel500Crowns(House) Rattlebones Exalted Duel.png
Rattlebones Master Duel500Crowns(House) Rattlebones Master Duel.png
Zeus Exalted Duel500Crowns(House) Zeus Exalted Duel.png
Tanglewood Terror Gauntlet500Crowns(House) Tanglewood Terror Gauntlet.png

(Summer Housing) Furniture for Sale

Beach Umbrella500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Beach Umbrella.png
Beached Longboard750/3,750Crowns/Gold(House) Beached Longboard.png
Folding Beach Chair500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Folding Beach Chair.png
Inflatable Beach Ball300/1,500Crowns/Gold(House) Inflatable Beach Ball.png
Kiddie Pool1,250/6,250Crowns/Gold(House) Kiddie Pool.png
Reg. Keeper Beach Multi-Tank1,500Crowns/Gold(House) Reg. Keeper Beach Multi-Tank.png
Sandcrab Castle1,000/5,000Crowns/Gold(House) Sandcrab Castle.png
Tiki Island Torch250/1,250Crowns/Gold(House) Tiki Island Torch.png
Wizard City Beach Towel500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Wizard City Beach Towel.png

(Gardening Items) Furniture for Sale

Medium Enchanted Planter750Crowns(House) Medium Enchanted Planter.png
Medium Normal Planter500Crowns(House) Medium Normal Planter.png
Seed Vault1,995Crowns(House) Seed Vault.png
Small Enchanted Planter750Crowns(House) Small Enchanted Planter.png
Small Normal Planter500Crowns(House) Small Normal Planter.png

(Professor Portraits) Wall Hangings for Sale

Professor Balestrom380Crowns(House) Professor Balestrom.png
Professor Drake380Crowns(House) Professor Drake.png
Professor Falmea380Crowns(House) Professor Falmea.png
Professor Greyrose380Crowns(House) Professor Greyrose.png
Professor Wu380Crowns(House) Professor Wu.png

(Customizable Signs) Furniture for Sale

Customizable Framed Sign1,000Crowns(House) Customizable Framed Sign.png
Customizable Grizzleheim Sign750Crowns(House) Customizable Grizzleheim Sign.png
Customizable Marleybone Sign1,500Crowns(House) Customizable Marleybone Sign.png
Customizable Wizard City Sign500Crowns(House) Customizable Wizard City Sign.png

(Trophies) Decoration for Sale

Gamma's Chalice1,000/5,000Crowns/Gold(House) Gamma's Chalice.png
Jade Trophy1,000/5,000Crowns/Gold(House) Jade Trophy.png
Medallion Stand1,000/5,000Crowns/Gold(House) Medallion Stand.png
Sapphire Sphere1,000/5,000Crowns/Gold(House) Sapphire Sphere.png
Winged Cup Trophy1,000/5,000Crowns/Gold(House) Winged Cup Trophy.png
Wizardry Trophy1,000/5,000Crowns/Gold(House) Wizardry Trophy.png

(Fish Tanks) Furniture for Sale

Large Keeper Multi-Tank1,500Crowns(House) Large Keeper Multi-Tank.png
Large Small Fry Multi-Tank1,500Crowns(House) Large Small Fry Multi-Tank.png
Regular Keeper Multi-Tank1,500Crowns(House) Regular Keeper Multi-Tank.png
Regular Small Fry Multi-Tank1,500Crowns(House) Regular Small Fry Multi-Tank.png
Tall Keeper Multi-Tank1,500Crowns(House) Tall Keeper Multi-Tank.png
Tall Small Fry Multi-Tank1,500Crowns(House) Tall Small Fry Multi-Tank.png

(Teleporters) Decoration for Sale

6 Pack of 'Porters9,995Crowns(House) 6 Pack of 'Porters.png
Blue Teleporter2,500Crowns(House) Blue Teleporter.png
Cyan Teleporter2,500Crowns(House) Cyan Teleporter.png
Green Teleporter2,500Crowns(House) Green Teleporter.png
Orange Teleporter2,500Crowns(House) Orange Teleporter.png
Purple Teleporter2,500Crowns(House) Purple Teleporter.png
Red Teleporter2,500Crowns(House) Red Teleporter.png
White Teleporter2,500Crowns(House) White Teleporter.png
Yellow Teleporter2,500Crowns(House) Yellow Teleporter.png

(Instruments) Furniture for Sale

Playable Bass Guitar1,500/12,000Crowns/Gold(House) Playable Bass Guitar.png
Playable Drum Kit2,000/16,000Crowns/Gold(House) Playable Drum Kit.png
Playable Lead Guitar1,500/12,000Crowns/Gold(House) Playable Lead Guitar.png
Playable Percussive Drum Kit2,000/16,000Crowns/Gold(House) Playable Percussive Drum Kit.png
Playable Piano2,500/20,000Crowns/Gold(House) Playable Piano.png
Playable Sound Generator1,000/8,000Crowns/Gold(House) Playable Sound Generator.png
Playable Toy Piano1,500/12,000Crowns/Gold(House) Playable Toy Piano.png
Playable Trumpet1,000/8,000Crowns/Gold(House) Playable Trumpet.png

(Games & Mini Games) Furniture for Sale

Choo-Choo Zoo Game2,000Crowns(House) Choo-Choo Zoo Game.png
Conjuration Game2,000Crowns(House) Conjuration Game.png
Doodle Doug Game2,000Crowns(House) Doodle Doug Game.png
Dueling Diego Game2,000Crowns(House) Dueling Diego Game.png
Food Fight2,500Crowns(House) Food Fight.png
Hot Shots Game2,000Crowns(House) Hot Shots Game.png
Khan's Dance Game2,500Crowns(House) Khan's Dance Game.png
Potion Motion Game2,000Crowns(House) Potion Motion Game.png
Skull Riders Game2,000Crowns(House) Skull Riders Game.png
Sorcery Stones Game2,000Crowns(House) Sorcery Stones Game.png
Tag Game2,500Crowns(House) Tag Game.png
Zeke's Scavenger Hunt2,500Crowns(House) Zeke's Scavenger Hunt.png

(Wizard City) Furniture for Sale

Crate of Ice Cream500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Crate of Ice Cream.png
Cyclops Trophy1,000/5,000Crowns/Gold(House) Cyclops Trophy.png
Fat Pumpkin225Crowns/Gold(House) Fat Pumpkin.png
Gobbler Pinata280Crowns/Gold(House) Gobbler Pinata.png
Hat Stand300/1,500Crowns/Gold(House) Hat Stand.png
Pie500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Pie.png
Stack of 3 Books530Crowns/Gold(House) Stack of 3 Books.png
Tall Sundae280Crowns/Gold(House) Tall Sundae.png
Teddy Bear1,000/5,000Crowns/Gold(House) Teddy Bear.png
Unicorn Statue1,500/7,500Crowns/Gold(House) Unicorn Statue.png

(Krokotopia Housing) Furniture for Sale

Bricked Well750/3,750Crowns/Gold(House) Bricked Well.png
Framed Dig Site Photo500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Framed Dig Site Photo.png
Hieroglyphic Ice Tablet200/1,000Crowns/Gold(House) Hieroglyphic Ice Tablet.png
Hieroglyphic Storm Tablet200/1,000Crowns/Gold(House) Hieroglyphic Storm Tablet.png
Ice Mummy1,250/6,250Crowns/Gold(House) Ice Mummy.png
Khai Amahte Statue1,000/5,000Crowns/Gold(House) Khai Amahte Statue.png
Krok Bird Obelisk750/3,750Crowns/Gold(House) Krok Bird Obelisk.png
Krok Bird Pressure Plate500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Krok Bird Pressure Plate.png
Krok Insect Obelisk750/3,750Crowns/Gold(House) Krok Insect Obelisk.png
Krok Insect Pressure Plate500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Krok Insect Pressure Plate.png
Krok Moon Obelisk750/3,750Crowns/Gold(House) Krok Moon Obelisk.png
Krok Moon Pressure Plate500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Krok Moon Pressure Plate.png
Krok Skull Obelisk750/3,750Crowns/Gold(House) Krok Skull Obelisk.png
Krok Skull Pressure Plate500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Krok Skull Pressure Plate.png
Krok Snake Obelisk750/3,750Crowns/Gold(House) Krok Snake Obelisk.png
Krok Snake Pressure Plate500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Krok Snake Pressure Plate.png
Krok Sun Obelisk750/3,750Crowns/Gold(House) Krok Sun Obelisk.png
Krok Sun Pressure Plate500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Krok Sun Pressure Plate.png
Krok Tree Obelisk750/3,750Crowns/Gold(House) Krok Tree Obelisk.png
Krok Tree Pressure Plate500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Krok Tree Pressure Plate.png
Krokotopian Counter675Crowns/Gold(House) Krokotopian Counter.png
Krokotopian Mummy1,250/6,250Crowns/Gold(House) Krokotopian Mummy.png
Krokotopian Sphinx1,250Crowns/Gold(House) Krokotopian Sphinx.png
Red Facetted Column1,000/5,000Crowns/Gold(House) Red Facetted Column.png
Red Urn500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Red Urn.png
Royal Krokotopian Vase330Crowns/Gold(House) Royal Krokotopian Vase.png
Tall Palm Tree500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Tall Palm Tree.png
Prince Biti Nirini1,000/5,000Crowns/Gold(House) Prince Biti Nirini.png
Prince Meti Karanahn1,000/5,000Crowns/Gold(House) Prince Meti Karanahn.png
Prince Suten Sokkwi500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Prince Suten Sokkwi.png

(Marleybone Housing) Furniture for Sale

Barkford320Crowns/Gold(House) Barkford.png
Cameo of Sherlock Bones260Crowns/Gold(House) Cameo of Sherlock Bones.png
Dogfish Fountain650Crowns/Gold(House) Dogfish Fountain.png
Electrified Meter Box500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Electrified Meter Box.png
Flat Wooden Platform350/1,750Crowns/Gold(House) Flat Wooden Platform.png
Model MB Automobile2,430Crowns/Gold(House) Model MB Automobile.png
Snapped Plank200/1,000Crowns/Gold(House) Snapped Plank.png
Statue of St. Bernard560Crowns/Gold(House) Statue of St. Bernard.png
Wooden Propellor195Crowns/Gold(House) Wooden Propellor.png
Wooden Railing750/3,750Crowns/Gold(House) Wooden Railing.png

(MooShu Housing) Furniture for Sale

Bell Pagoda1,080Crowns/Gold(House) Bell Pagoda.png
Bright Blue Silk Kimono2,000/10,000Crowns/Gold(House) Bright Blue Silk Kimono.png
Broken Corner Wall500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Broken Corner Wall.png
Corner Wall Debris500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Corner Wall Debris.png
Great Moodha Statue (Outdoor)1,500Crowns/Gold(House) Great Moodha Statue (Outdoor).png
Green Brick Tower1,000/5,000Crowns/Gold(House) Green Brick Tower.png
Grey Brick Tower1,000/5,000Crowns/Gold(House) Grey Brick Tower.png
Imperial Bust500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Imperial Bust.png
Ruined Wall Corner500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Ruined Wall Corner.png
Samoorai Shrine500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Samoorai Shrine.png
Statue of Hyottoko1,000/5,000Crowns/Gold(House) Statue of Hyottoko.png
Throwing Star Case330Crowns/Gold(House) Throwing Star Case.png

(Dragonspyre Housing) Furniture for Sale

Battle Standard385Crowns(House) Battle Standard.png
Crimson Dragonspyre Banner530Crowns(House) Crimson Dragonspyre Banner.png
Dragonspyre Sarcophagus660Crowns(House) Dragonspyre Sarcophagus.png
Gemcutter Table750Crowns(House) Gemcutter Table.png
Ruined Painting5,000Crowns(House) Ruined Painting.png

(Avalon Housing) Furniture for Sale

Armor Display1,000/5,000Crowns/Gold(House) Armor Display.png
Avalon Gazebo1,500/7,500Crowns/Gold(House) Avalon Gazebo.png
Avalon King Stained Glass1,500/7,500Crowns/Gold(House) Avalon King Stained Glass.png
Avalon King Statue1,500/7,500Crowns/Gold(House) Avalon King Statue.png
Avalon Knight Statue1,500/7,500Crowns/Gold(House) Avalon Knight Statue.png
Avalon Platform500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Avalon Platform.png
Avalon Rose Stained Glass1,000/5,000Crowns/Gold(House) Avalon Rose Stained Glass.png
Avalon Spear Rack250/1,250Crowns/Gold(House) Avalon Spear Rack.png
Avalon Weapons Rack750/3,750Crowns/Gold(House) Avalon Weapons Rack.png
Gold Swords and Shield1,500/7,500Crowns/Gold(House) Gold Swords and Shield.png
Harp1,000/5,000Crowns/Gold(House) Harp.png
Iron Fountain1,500/7,500Crowns/Gold(House) Iron Fountain.png
Melee Weapons Rack750/3,750Crowns/Gold(House) Melee Weapons Rack.png
Red Fox Chair750/3,750Crowns/Gold(House) Red Fox Chair.png
Stone Book Pedestal500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Stone Book Pedestal.png
Stone Watchtower870Crowns/Gold(House) Stone Watchtower.png
Sword and Rose Shield1,000/5,000Crowns/Gold(House) Sword and Rose Shield.png
Table and Benches500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Table and Benches.png
Tower Bell2,000/10,000Crowns/Gold(House) Tower Bell.png
Tower Music Box2,000Crowns/Gold(House) Tower Music Box.png
Turkey Platter350Crowns/Gold(House) Turkey Platter.png
Wooden Wagon (Avalon)1,000/5,000Crowns/Gold(House) Wooden Wagon (Avalon).png

(Other) Furniture for Sale

Bubbling Cauldron530Crowns/Gold(House) Bubbling Cauldron.png
Bundle of Fun9,500Crowns/Gold(House) Bundle of Fun.png
Cash Register1,080Crowns/Gold(House) Cash Register.png
Large Patterned Rug750/3,750Crowns/Gold(House) Large Patterned Rug.png
Ornate Wall Clock780Crowns/Gold(House) Ornate Wall Clock.png
Red Leaf Tree280Crowns/Gold(House) Red Leaf Tree.png
Round of Cheese500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Round of Cheese.png
Tall Grave750/3,750Crowns/Gold(House) Tall Grave.png
Theater Masks1,000/5,000Crowns/Gold(House) Theater Masks.png
Well-Traveled Suitcase500/2,500Crowns/Gold(House) Well-Traveled Suitcase.png

Card Packs for Sale

(Hoard and Lore Packs) Card Packs for Sale

Emperor's Attic Pack399Crowns(Item) Emperor's Attic Pack.png
Hoard of the Hydra Pack399Crowns(Item) Hoard of the Hydra Pack.png
Islander's Hoard Pack399Crowns(Item) Islander's Hoard Pack.png
Keeper's Lore Pack399Crowns(Item) Keeper's Lore Pack.png
Kirin's Hoard Pack399Crowns(Item) Kirin's Hoard Pack.png
Knight's Lore Pack399Crowns(Item) Knight's Lore Pack.png
Ninja's Lore Pack399Crowns(Item) Ninja's Lore Pack.png
Pharaoh's Hoard Pack399Crowns(Item) Pharaoh's Hoard Pack.png
Phoenix Hoard Pack399Crowns(Item) Phoenix Hoard Pack.png
Raven's Hoard Pack399Crowns(Item) Raven's Hoard Pack.png
Road Warrior's Hoard Pack399Crowns(Item) Road Warrior's Hoard Pack.png
RockHammer's Jewel Pack399Crowns(Item) RockHammer's Jewel Pack.png
Shaman's Lore Pack399Crowns(Item) Shaman's Lore Pack.png
Skyvern's Hoard Pack399Crowns(Item) Skyvern's Hoard Pack.png
Terror's Hoard Pack399Crowns(Item) Terror's Hoard Pack.png
Witch's Hoard Pack399Crowns(Item) Witch's Hoard Pack.png
Wyvern's Hoard Pack399Crowns(Item) Wyvern's Hoard Pack.png

(Pet Snack Packs) Card Packs for Sale

Mega-Snack Pack2,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Mega-Snack Pack.png
Pet Bread Crumb Pack100/500Crowns/Gold(Item) Pet Bread Crumb Pack.png
Purreau's Plentiful Pet Provisions399Crowns/Gold(Item) Purreau's Plentiful Pet Provisions.png
Snack Pack115Crowns/Gold(Item) Snack Pack.png

(Booster Packs) Card Packs for Sale

Balance Jewel Pack599Crowns(Item) Balance Jewel Pack.png
Death Jewel Pack599Crowns(Item) Death Jewel Pack.png
Emperor's Attic Pack399Crowns(Item) Emperor's Attic Pack.png
Eye of Bartleby Pack115Crowns(Item) Eye of Bartleby Pack.png
Fire Jewel Pack599Crowns(Item) Fire Jewel Pack.png
Hand of Doom Pack175Crowns(Item) Hand of Doom Pack.png
Ice Jewel Pack599Crowns(Item) Ice Jewel Pack.png
Life Jewel Pack599Crowns(Item) Life Jewel Pack.png
Marvelous Minions Pack100Crowns(Item) Marvelous Minions Pack.png
Mega Reagent Pack250Crowns(Item) Mega Reagent Pack.png
Moolinda's Green Thumb Pack625Crowns(Item) Moolinda's Green Thumb Pack.png
Myth Jewel Pack599Crowns(Item) Myth Jewel Pack.png
Remarkable Reagents Pack100Crowns(Item) Remarkable Reagents Pack.png
Storm Jewel Pack599Crowns(Item) Storm Jewel Pack.png

(Furniture Sets) Card Packs for Sale

Avalon Furniture Set 14,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Avalon Furniture Set 1.png
Avalon Furniture Set 24,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Avalon Furniture Set 2.png
Avalon Furniture Set 34,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Avalon Furniture Set 3.png
Azteca Furniture Set 14,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Azteca Furniture Set 1.png
Azteca Furniture Set 24,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Azteca Furniture Set 2.png
Azteca Furniture Set 34,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Azteca Furniture Set 3.png
Build-A-Castle Medieval Set249Crowns/Gold(Item) Build-A-Castle Medieval Set.png
Celestia Furniture Set 14,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Celestia Furniture Set 1.png
Celestia Furniture Set 24,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Celestia Furniture Set 2.png
Celestia Furniture Set 34,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Celestia Furniture Set 3.png
Dragonspyre Furniture Set 14,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Dragonspyre Furniture Set 1.png
Dragonspyre Furniture Set 24,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Dragonspyre Furniture Set 2.png
Dragonspyre Furniture Set 34,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Dragonspyre Furniture Set 3.png
Grizzleheim Furniture Set 14,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Grizzleheim Furniture Set 1.png
Grizzleheim Furniture Set 24,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Grizzleheim Furniture Set 2.png
Grizzleheim Furniture Set 34,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Grizzleheim Furniture Set 3.png
Krokotopia Furniture Set 14,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Krokotopia Furniture Set 1.png
Krokotopia Furniture Set 24,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Krokotopia Furniture Set 2.png
Krokotopia Furniture Set 34,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Krokotopia Furniture Set 3.png
Marleybone Furniture Set 14,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Marleybone Furniture Set 1.png
Marleybone Furniture Set 24,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Marleybone Furniture Set 2.png
Marleybone Furniture Set 34,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Marleybone Furniture Set 3.png
MooShu Furniture Set 14,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) MooShu Furniture Set 1.png
MooShu Furniture Set 24,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) MooShu Furniture Set 2.png
MooShu Furniture Set 34,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) MooShu Furniture Set 3.png
Wizard City Furniture Set 14,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Wizard City Furniture Set 1.png
Wizard City Furniture Set 24,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Wizard City Furniture Set 2.png
Wizard City Furniture Set 34,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Wizard City Furniture Set 3.png
Wysteria Furniture Set 14,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Wysteria Furniture Set 1.png
Wysteria Furniture Set 24,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Wysteria Furniture Set 2.png
Wysteria Furniture Set 34,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Wysteria Furniture Set 3.png
Zafaria Furniture Set 14,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Zafaria Furniture Set 1.png
Zafaria Furniture Set 24,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Zafaria Furniture Set 2.png
Zafaria Furniture Set 34,500/22,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Zafaria Furniture Set 3.png

Mounts for Sale

Note: 7-Day Rental versions of these Mounts are also available.

Mounts for Sale

Alphyn6,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Alphyn.png
Ankylosaurus6,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Ankylosaurus.png
Arcus Cloud5,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Arcus Cloud.png
Bengal Tiger15,000/90,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Bengal Tiger.png
Black Stallion7,000/70,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Black Stallion.png
Blue Dragon10,000/85,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Blue Dragon.png
Blue Fairy Wings7,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Blue Fairy Wings.png
Brown Warg6,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Brown Warg.png
Bruin Ram6,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Bruin Ram.png
Butterfly Swarm5,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Butterfly Swarm.png
Camel6,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Camel.png
Care Hare3,750Crowns/Gold(Item) Care Hare.png
Chestnut Pony5,000/50,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Chestnut Pony.png
Crokagator6,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Crokagator.png
Dark Redwing15,000/90,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Dark Redwing.png
Deathly Flying Carpet5,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Deathly Flying Carpet.png
Dream Filly10,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Dream Filly.png
Dual Dragonflyer12,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Dual Dragonflyer.png
Dual Skimmer10,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Dual Skimmer.png
Enchanted Broom5,000/50,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Enchanted Broom.png
Frostfang Tiger6,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Frostfang Tiger.png
Gold-Wrought Eagle7,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Gold-Wrought Eagle.png
Himoolayan Yak7,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Himoolayan Yak.png
Hippogriff7,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Hippogriff.png
Horned Sweeper7,000/70,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Horned Sweeper.png
Jaguar6,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Jaguar.png
Jeweled Scarab6,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Jeweled Scarab.png
Mammoth Mini9,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Mammoth Mini.png
Mechanical Wings7,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Mechanical Wings.png
Monarch Butterfly7,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Monarch Butterfly.png
Nightflame Pegasus12,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Nightflame Pegasus.png
Orange Fairy Wings7,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Orange Fairy Wings.png
Ostrich7,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Ostrich.png
Owl9,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Owl.png
Panther5,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Panther.png
Proud Lion15,000/90,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Proud Lion.png
Purple Fairy Wings7,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Purple Fairy Wings.png
Renaissance Wings7,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Renaissance Wings.png
Rubber Ducky3,750Crowns/Gold(Item) Rubber Ducky.png
Royal Lioness10,000/85,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Royal Lioness.png
Sabertooth Tiger6,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Sabertooth Tiger.png
Sea Turtle7,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Sea Turtle.png
Seraph Wings7,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Seraph Wings.png
Skyracer Pegasus12,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Skyracer Pegasus.png
Snow Ram7,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Snow Ram.png
Soaring Eagle4,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Soaring Eagle.png
Soaring Heart Wings4,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Soaring Heart Wings.png
Solar Sabercat7,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Solar Sabercat.png
Starshine Pony6,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Starshine Pony.png
Stonehopper5,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Stonehopper.png
Swift Shark15,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Swift Shark.png
Swiftshadow Wings7,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Swiftshadow Wings.png
Tawny Ram5,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Tawny Ram.png
Treant15,000Crowns/Gold(Item) Treant.png
Triceratops7,500Crowns/Gold(Item) Triceratops.png
White Stag6,500Crowns/Gold(Item) White Stag.png

Pets for Sale

Pets for Sale

Bronze Golem10,000Crowns(Pet) Bronze Golem.png
Burning Pixie6,000Crowns(Pet) Burning Pixie.png
Crabling7,250Crowns(Pet) Crabling.png
Cunning Seal Pup10,000Crowns(Pet) Cunning Seal Pup.png
Dapper Corgi8,000Crowns(Pet) Dapper Corgi.png
Death Leprechaun4,600Crowns(Pet) Death Leprechaun.png
Diseased Wildclaw2,095Crowns(Pet) Diseased Wildclaw.png
Dread Grimoire10,000Crowns(Pet) Dread Grimoire.png
Dream Ghoul1,490Crowns(Pet) Dream Ghoul.png
Earth Walker10,280Crowns(Pet) Earth Walker.png
Evil Sandman2,000Crowns(Pet) Evil Sandman.png
Fennec Fox9,500Crowns(Pet) Fennec Fox.png
Flying Squirrel7,500Crowns(Pet) Flying Squirrel.png
Friendship Oni4,500Crowns(Pet) Friendship Oni.png
Frilled Lizard6,000Crowns(Pet) Frilled Lizard.png
Golden Ram6,000Crowns(Pet) Golden Ram.png
Golden Sun9,500Crowns(Pet) Golden Sun.png
Green Cat Thug1,650Crowns(Pet) Green Cat Thug.png
Hollow Knight9,000Crowns(Pet) Hollow Knight.png
Ianthine Spectre9,880Crowns(Pet) Ianthine Spectre.png
Jade Oni7,430Crowns(Pet) Jade Oni.png
Lava Spider1,490Crowns(Pet) Lava Spider.png
Leopard9,500Crowns(Pet) Leopard.png
Li'l Siren5,000Crowns(Pet) Li'l Siren.png
Lovely Ladybug3,750Crowns(Pet) Lovely Ladybug.png
Lovely Leopard4,750Crowns(Pet) Lovely Leopard.png
Myth Ghoul750Crowns(Pet) Myth Ghoul.png
Origami Cardinal1,750Crowns(Pet) Origami Cardinal.png
Origami Crane1,750Crowns(Pet) Origami Crane.png
Pesky Beetle6,500Crowns(Pet) Pesky Beetle.png
Plucky Clover2,900Crowns(Pet) Plucky Clover.png
Primal Wildclaw2,250Crowns(Pet) Primal Wildclaw.png
Raven4,000Crowns(Pet) Raven.png
Red Panda7,500Crowns(Pet) Red Panda.png
Royal Ibis10,000Crowns(Pet) Royal Ibis.png
Samoorai7,500Crowns(Pet) Samoorai.png
Sea Dragon12,500Crowns(Pet) Sea Dragon.png
Sea Turtle5,200Crowns(Pet) Sea Turtle.png
Skeletal Knight5,000Crowns(Pet) Skeletal Knight.png
Spinyfish6,200Crowns(Pet) Spinyfish.png
Storm Hound14,960Crowns(Pet) Storm Hound.png
Tarantula Hawk7,500Crowns(Pet) Tarantula Hawk.png
Wolfhound7,000Crowns(Pet) Wolfhound.png

Seeds for Sale

Seeds for Sale

Couch Potatoes1,500Crowns(House) Couch Potatoes.png
Deadly Helephant Ears750Crowns(House) Deadly Helephant Ears.png
Evil Magma Peas1,250Crowns(House) Evil Magma Peas.png
Ivy League1,250Crowns(House) Ivy League.png
Key Limes750Crowns(House) Key Limes.png
King Parsley750Crowns(House) King Parsley.png
Ninja Fig750Crowns(House) Ninja Fig.png
Orange Bell Pepper200Crowns(House) Orange Bell Pepper.png
Pink Dandelion500Crowns(House) Pink Dandelion.png
Silver Trumpet Vine1,000Crowns(House) Silver Trumpet Vine.png
Sunion750Crowns(House) Sunion.png
Sword Fern1,500Crowns(House) Sword Fern.png


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