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NPC:Constance Windsong

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(NPC) Constance Windsong.png
Wizard City Boot Shop
Constance Windsong
Shoe Shopkeeper
Wizard City - Shopping District - Wizard City Boot Shop
Constance Windsong manages her own shoe shop in Wizard City's Shopping District. She offers Boots to assist Novice, Apprentice, and Initiate Wizards from Ravenwood.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
Ends Quests


Boots for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceMale ImageFemale Image
Luxurious BootsAny Any15 GoldLuxurious Boots (Male)Luxurious Boots (Female)
Sandals of SecretsAny Any15 GoldSandals of Secrets (Male)Sandals of Secrets (Female)
Slippers of EnrichmentAny Any15 GoldSlippers of Enrichment (Male)Slippers of Enrichment (Female)
Prevalent BootsAny Any15 GoldPrevalent Boots (Male)Prevalent Boots (Female)
Interesting FootwrapsAny Any15 GoldInteresting Footwraps (Male)Interesting Footwraps (Female)
Slippers of AuthorityAny Any15 GoldSlippers of Authority (Male)Slippers of Authority (Female)
Shoes of the FavoredAny Any15 GoldShoes of the Favored (Male)Shoes of the Favored (Female)
Slippers of RitesAny Any150 GoldSlippers of Rites (Male)Slippers of Rites (Female)
Senior Novice's ShoesAny Any180 GoldSenior Novice's Shoes (Male)Senior Novice's Shoes (Female)
Footwraps of FlameFire Fire400 GoldFootwraps of Flame (Male)Footwraps of Flame (Female)
SnowstalkersIce Ice400 GoldSnowstalkers (Male)Snowstalkers (Female)
WindwalkersStorm Storm400 GoldWindwalkers (Male)Windwalkers (Female)
BloodwalkersMyth Myth400 GoldBloodwalkers (Male)Bloodwalkers (Female)
FlowerstalkersLife Life400 GoldFlowerstalkers (Male)Flowerstalkers (Female)
DoomstalkersDeath Death400 GoldDoomstalkers (Male)Doomstalkers (Female)
BalancewalkersBalance Balance400 GoldBalancewalkers (Male)Balancewalkers (Female)
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