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NPC:Brandon Mistborn

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(NPC) Brandon Mistborn.png
Brandon Mistborn
Wizard City - Unicorn Way
Brandon Mistborn is a PvP Vendor in Wizard City, located outside of the Arena on Unicorn Way with Diego and Roland Silverheart. His shop is called "Mistborn's Trophies", which offers a variety of prizes in exchange for Arena Tickets.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
Ends Quests

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Hats for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Mariner's Rain HatAny50Arena Tickets(Item) Mariner's Rain Hat Male.png(Item) Mariner's Rain Hat Female.png
Beachcomber's Mackintosh HatAny100Arena Tickets(Item) Beachcomber's Mackintosh Hat Male.png(Item) Beachcomber's Mackintosh Hat Female.png
Seafarer's Cloche HatAny200Arena Tickets(Item) Seafarer's Cloche Hat Male.png(Item) Seafarer's Cloche Hat Female.png
Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 10+)Any1,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 10+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 10+) Female.png
Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 20+)Any1,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 20+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 20+) Female.png
Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 30+)Any2,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 30+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 30+) Female.png
Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 40+)Any2,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 40+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 40+) Female.png
Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 50+)Any3,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 50+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 50+) Female.png
Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 60+)Any3,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 60+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 60+) Female.png
Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 70+)Any4,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 70+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 70+) Female.png
Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 80+)Any4,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 80+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 80+) Female.png
Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 90+)Any5,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 90+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 90+) Female.png
Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 100+)Any5,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 100+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 100+) Female.png
Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 110+)Any6,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 110+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 110+) Female.png
Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 120+)Any6,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 120+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 120+) Female.png
Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 130+)Any7,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 130+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Rakish Mask (Level 130+) Female.png

Robes for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Mariner's Rain SlickerAny125Arena Tickets(Item) Mariner's Rain Slicker Male.png(Item) Mariner's Rain Slicker Female.png
Beachcomber's PonchoAny250Arena Tickets(Item) Beachcomber's Poncho Male.png(Item) Beachcomber's Poncho Female.png
Seafarer's OvercoatAny500Arena Tickets(Item) Seafarer's Overcoat Male.png(Item) Seafarer's Overcoat Female.png
Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 10+)Any3,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 10+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 10+) Female.png
Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 20+)Any3,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 20+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 20+) Female.png
Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 30+)Any4,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 30+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 30+) Female.png
Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 40+)Any4,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 40+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 40+) Female.png
Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 50+)Any5,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 50+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 50+) Female.png
Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 60+)Any5,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 60+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 60+) Female.png
Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 70+)Any6,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 70+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 70+) Female.png
Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 80+)Any6,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 80+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 80+) Female.png
Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 90+)Any7,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 90+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 90+) Female.png
Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 100+)Any7,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 100+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 100+) Female.png
Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 110+)Any8,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 110+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 110+) Female.png
Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 120+)Any8,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 120+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 120+) Female.png
Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 130+)Any9,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 130+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Cloaked Doublet (Level 130+) Female.png

Boots for Sale

ItemSchoolPriceCurrencyMale ImageFemale Image
Mariner's Rain BootsAny50Arena Tickets(Item) Mariner's Rain Boots Male.png(Item) Mariner's Rain Boots Female.png
Beachcomber's MukluksAny100Arena Tickets(Item) Beachcomber's Mukluks Male.png(Item) Beachcomber's Mukluks Female.png
Seafarer's GaloshesAny200Arena Tickets(Item) Seafarer's Galoshes Male.png(Item) Seafarer's Galoshes Female.png
Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 10+)Any1,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 10+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 10+) Female.png
Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 20+)Any1,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 20+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 20+) Female.png
Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 30+)Any2,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 30+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 30+) Female.png
Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 40+)Any2,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 40+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 40+) Female.png
Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 50+)Any3,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 50+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 50+) Female.png
Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 60+)Any3,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 60+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 60+) Female.png
Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 70+)Any4,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 70+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 70+) Female.png
Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 80+)Any4,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 80+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 80+) Female.png
Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 90+)Any5,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 90+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 90+) Female.png
Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 100+)Any5,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 100+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 100+) Female.png
Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 110+)Any6,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 110+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 110+) Female.png
Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 120+)Any6,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 120+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 120+) Female.png
Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 130+)Any7,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 130+) Male.png(Item) Duelist's Jaunty Boots (Level 130+) Female.png

Wands for Sale

Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 10+)Any3,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 10+).png
Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 20+)Any3,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 20+).png
Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 30+)Any4,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 30+).png
Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 40+)Any4,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 40+).png
Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 50+)Any5,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 50+).png
Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 60+)Any5,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 60+).png
Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 70+)Any6,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 70+).png
Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 80+)Any6,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 80+).png
Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 90+)Any7,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 90+).png
Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 100+)Any7,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 100+).png
Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 110+)Any8,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 110+).png
Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 120+)Any8,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 120+).png
Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 130+)Any9,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Dancing Blade (Level 130+).png

Athames for Sale

Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 10+)Any1,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 10+).png
Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 20+)Any1,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 20+).png
Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 30+)Any2,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 30+).png
Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 40+)Any2,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 40+).png
Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 50+)Any3,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 50+).png
Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 60+)Any3,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 60+).png
Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 70+)Any4,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 70+).png
Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 80+)Any4,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 80+).png
Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 90+)Any5,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 90+).png
Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 100+)Any5,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 100+).png
Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 110+)Any6,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 110+).png
Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 120+)Any6,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 120+).png
Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 130+)Any7,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Fatal Razor (Level 130+).png

Amulets for Sale

Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 10+)Any2,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 10+).png
Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 20+)Any2,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 20+).png
Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 30+)Any3,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 30+).png
Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 40+)Any3,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 40+).png
Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 50+)Any4,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 50+).png
Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 60+)Any4,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 60+).png
Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 70+)Any5,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 70+).png
Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 80+)Any5,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 80+).png
Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 90+)Any6,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 90+).png
Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 100+)Any6,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 100+).png
Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 110+)Any7,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 110+).png
Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 120+)Any7,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 120+).png
Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 130+)Any8,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 130+).png

Rings for Sale

Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 10+)Any1,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 10+).png
Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 20+)Any1,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 20+).png
Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 30+)Any2,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 30+).png
Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 40+)Any2,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 40+).png
Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 50+)Any3,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 50+).png
Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 60+)Any3,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 60+).png
Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 70+)Any4,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 70+).png
Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 80+)Any4,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 80+).png
Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 90+)Any5,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 90+).png
Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 100+)Any5,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 100+).png
Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 110+)Any6,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 110+).png
Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 120+)Any6,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 120+).png
Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 130+)Any7,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Daredevil Ring (Level 130+).png

Mounts for Sale

Fire Wyvern9,000Arena Tickets(Item) Fire Wyvern.png
Blue Kirin9,000Arena Tickets(Item) Blue Kirin.png
Unicorn Charger9,000Arena Tickets(Item) Unicorn Charger.png
Gorilla Juggernaut9,000Arena Tickets(Item) Gorilla Juggernaut.png
Unicorn Courser10,000Arena Tickets(Item) Unicorn Courser.png
Gorilla Skirmisher10,000Arena Tickets(Item) Gorilla Skirmisher.png

Decks for Sale

Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 10+)Any3,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 10+).png
Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 20+)Any3,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 20+).png
Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 30+)Any4,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 30+).png
Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 40+)Any4,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 40+).png
Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 50+)Any5,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 50+).png
Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 60+)Any5,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 60+).png
Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 70+)Any6,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 70+).png
Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 80+)Any6,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 80+).png
Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 90+)Any7,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 90+).png
Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 100+)Any7,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 100+).png
Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 110+)Any8,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 110+).png
Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 120+)Any8,500Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 120+).png
Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 130+)Any9,000Arena Tickets(Item) Duelist's Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 130+).png

Reagents for Sale

Silver300Arena Tickets(Reagent) Silver.png
Titanium350Arena Tickets(Reagent) Titanium.png
Vine400Arena Tickets(Reagent) Vine.png
Agave Leaves400Arena Tickets(Reagent) Agave Leaves.png
Draconium500Arena Tickets(Reagent) Draconium.png
Orichalcum500Arena Tickets(Reagent) Orichalcum.png
Merle's Whisker500Arena Tickets(Reagent) Merle's Whisker.png
Amber Dust500Arena Tickets(Reagent) Amber Dust.png
Braided Vine600Arena Tickets(Reagent) Braided Vine.png
Agave Nectar2,500Arena Tickets(Reagent) Agave Nectar.png
Amber5,000Arena Tickets(Reagent) Amber.png

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