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NPC:Aziz Mufasa

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(NPC) Aziz Mufasa.png
Aziz Mufasa
Krokotopia - The Oasis - Krokotopia Ring & Amulet Shop
The Krokotopia Ring and Amulet vendor, purveyor of fine jewelry for the discerning battle Wizard.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
Ends Quests


Amulets for Sale

Choker of SwarmsAny Any255 GoldChoker of Swarms
Choker of FerocityAny Any255 GoldChoker of Ferocity
Bogeyman's PendantAny Any255 GoldBogeyman's Pendant
Amulet of the FayAny Any255 GoldAmulet of the Fay
Swooping NecklaceAny Any255 GoldSwooping Necklace
Rotunda's TorcAny Any255 GoldRotunda's Torc
Greebly's GemstoneAny Any255 GoldGreebly's Gemstone
Flash Frozen ChokerAny Any255 GoldFlash Frozen Choker
Gobblestone's PendantAny Any255 GoldGobblestone's Pendant
Elven PendantAny Any255 GoldElven Pendant

Rings for Sale

Cryptkeeper's BandAny Any360 GoldCryptkeeper's Band
Superstitious BandAny Any720 GoldSuperstitious Band
Sparkling BandAny Any630 GoldSparkling Band
Initiate's RingAny Any1,890 GoldInitiate's Ring
Band of the ShrewdBalance Balance2,700 GoldBand of the Shrewd
Ring of DarknessDeath Death2,700 GoldRing of Darkness
Band of PredictionLife Life2,700 GoldBand of Prediction
Ring of ImaginationMyth Myth2,700 GoldRing of Imagination
Ring of OriginalityStorm Storm2,700 GoldRing of Originality
Crystalline BandIce Ice2,700 GoldCrystalline Band
Flamelicked RingFire Fire2,700 GoldFlamelicked Ring
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