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NPC:Aubert Quickhammer

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(NPC) Aubert Quickhammer.png
Wizard City Furniture
& Castle Shop
Aubert Quickhammer
Furniture Shop Keeper
Wizard City - Shopping District - Wizard City Furniture & Castle Shop
Aubert Quickhammer runs his "Discount Furniture" shop along with Buxley Turtleton at the end of Wizard City's Shopping District, near Elik's Edge.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
» Bear Market
Ends Quests


Plant Life for Sale

Small Bush25 Gold(House) Small Bush.png
Purple Posies35 Gold(House) Purple Posies.png
Fire Flowers50 Gold(House) Fire Flowers.png
Hedge Row100 Gold(House) Hedge Row.png
Small Cypress Tree355 Gold(House) Small Cypress Tree.png
Small Maple Tree425 Gold(House) Small Maple Tree.png
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Wall Hangings for Sale

Spindle90 Gold(House) Spindle.png
Forked Wall Sconce200 Gold(House) Forked Wall Sconce.png
Party Banner225 Gold(House) Party Banner.png
Krok Balance Plaque250 Gold(House) Krok Balance Plaque.png
Spiral Plaque250 Gold(House) Spiral Plaque.png
Storm Plaque250 Gold(House) Storm Plaque.png
Myth Plaque250 Gold(House) Myth Plaque.png
Life Plaque250 Gold(House) Life Plaque.png
Ice Plaque250 Gold(House) Ice Plaque.png
Fire Plaque250 Gold(House) Fire Plaque.png
Death Plaque250 Gold(House) Death Plaque.png
The Tower285 Gold(House) The Tower.png
Fancy Wall Sconce315 Gold(House) Fancy Wall Sconce.png
Two Trees430 Gold(House) Two Trees.png
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Wallpaper and Tile for Sale

Wood Slat Flooring100 Gold(House) Wood Slat Flooring.png
Wooden Flooring100 Gold(House) Wooden Flooring.png
Patterned Floor Tile100 Gold(House) Patterned Floor Tile.png
Wooden Floor Tiles125 Gold(House) Wooden Floor Tiles.png
Cornflower Wallpaper150 Gold(House) Cornflower Wallpaper.png
Lavender Wallpaper150 Gold(House) Lavender Wallpaper.png
Purple Wallpaper150 Gold(House) Purple Wallpaper.png
Brickwork Wallpaper150 Gold(House) Brickwork Wallpaper.png
Wizardly Wallpaper150 Gold(House) Wizardly Wallpaper.png
Star Mosaic Tiles150 Gold(House) Star Mosaic Tiles.png
Puzzler Wallpaper175 Gold(House) Puzzler Wallpaper.png
Winterblue Wallpaper175 Gold(House) Winterblue Wallpaper.png
Wizdoodle Wallpaper250 Gold(House) Wizdoodle Wallpaper.png
Stormwracked Wallpaper275 Gold(House) Stormwracked Wallpaper.png
Lime Pinwheel Floor300 Gold(House) Lime Pinwheel Floor.png
Yellow Pinwheel Floor300 Gold(House) Yellow Pinwheel Floor.png
Violet Pinwheel Floor300 Gold(House) Violet Pinwheel Floor.png
Lilac Pinwheel Floor300 Gold(House) Lilac Pinwheel Floor.png
Salmon Pinwheel Floor300 Gold(House) Salmon Pinwheel Floor.png
Red Pinwheel Floor300 Gold(House) Red Pinwheel Floor.png
Pink Pinwheel Floor300 Gold(House) Pink Pinwheel Floor.png
Orange Pinwheel Floor300 Gold(House) Orange Pinwheel Floor.png
Grey Pinwheel Floor300 Gold(House) Grey Pinwheel Floor.png
Green Pinwheel Floor300 Gold(House) Green Pinwheel Floor.png
Brown Pinwheel Floor300 Gold(House) Brown Pinwheel Floor.png
Purple Pinwheel Floor300 Gold(House) Purple Pinwheel Floor.png
Cyan Pinwheel Floor300 Gold(House) Cyan Pinwheel Floor.png
Blue Pinwheel Floor300 Gold(House) Blue Pinwheel Floor.png
Black Pinwheel Floor300 Gold(House) Black Pinwheel Floor.png
Maize Pinwheel Floor300 Gold(House) Maize Pinwheel Floor.png
Doodle Wallpaper300 Gold(House) Doodle Wallpaper.png
Pink Carpet550 Gold(House) Pink Carpet.png
Pink Heart Wallpaper600 Gold(House) Pink Heart Wallpaper.png
Grassy Flooring1,000 Gold(House) Grassy Flooring.png
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Outdoor Items for Sale

Wooden Barrel45 Gold(House) Wooden Barrel.png
Small Stone Pedestal250 Gold(House) Small Stone Pedestal.png
Plain Stone Pedestal350 Gold(House) Plain Stone Pedestal.png
Light Stone Fence380 Gold(House) Light Stone Fence.png
Fancy Lamppost450 Gold(House) Fancy Lamppost.png
Plain Stone Tower500 Gold(House) Plain Stone Tower.png
Ornate Stone Pedestal600 Gold(House) Ornate Stone Pedestal.png
Small Yellow Tent800 Gold(House) Small Yellow Tent.png
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Furniture for Sale

Reinforced Crate35 Gold(House) Reinforced Crate.png
Wooden Chair75 Gold(House) Wooden Chair.png
Wooden Bench100 Gold(House) Wooden Bench.png
Padded Stool125 Gold(House) Padded Stool.png
Folding Stool130 Gold(House) Folding Stool.png
Stained Endtable175 Gold(House) Stained Endtable.png
Bookshelf250 Gold(House) Bookshelf.png
Small Lunar Rug250 Gold(House) Small Lunar Rug.png
Plain Bed350 Gold(House) Plain Bed.png
Small Blue Trim Rug375 Gold(House) Small Blue Trim Rug.png
Low Wooden Table400 Gold(House) Low Wooden Table.png
Stained Armoire450 Gold(House) Stained Armoire.png
Ornate Round Table585 Gold(House) Ornate Round Table.png
Ornate Desk1,200 Gold(House) Ornate Desk.png
Jewel Crafting Station1,500 Gold(House) Jewel Crafting Station.png
Housing Crafting Station1,500 Gold(House) Housing Crafting Station.png
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Decorations for Sale

Firewood55 Gold(House) Firewood.png
Ink Well65 Gold(House) Ink Well.png
Red Cushion80 Gold(House) Red Cushion.png
Holiday Oil Lamp100 Gold(House) Holiday Oil Lamp.png
Holiday Lantern100 Gold(House) Holiday Lantern.png
Holiday Menorah100 Gold(House) Holiday Menorah.png
Celebration Candleholder100 Gold(House) Celebration Candleholder.png
Empty Jar100 Gold(House) Empty Jar.png
Candle and Holder115 Gold(House) Candle and Holder.png
Floor Brazier185 Gold(House) Floor Brazier.png
Short Square Vase195 Gold(House) Short Square Vase.png
Tic-Tac-Toe X Piece250 Gold(House) Tic-Tac-Toe X Piece.png
Tic-Tac-Toe O Piece250 Gold(House) Tic-Tac-Toe O Piece.png
Snapped Column280 Gold(House) Snapped Column.png
Balloons300 Gold(House) Balloons.png
Stone Column300 Gold(House) Stone Column.png
Carved Column315 Gold(House) Carved Column.png
Square Column500 Gold(House) Square Column.png
Gravulum Lodestone1,000 Gold(House) Gravulum Lodestone.png
Music Player1,000 Gold(House) Music Player.png
Tic-Tac-Toe Board1,000 Gold(House) Tic-Tac-Toe Board.png
Party Cake1,000 Gold(House) Party Cake.png
Backpack Butler2,500 Gold(House) Backpack Butler.png
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Music Scrolls for Sale

Wizard City Main Theme500 Gold(House) Wizard City Music Scroll.png
Krokotopia Main Theme500 Gold(House) Krokotopia Music Scroll.png
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