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NPC:Ahmir Fayed

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(NPC) Ahmir Fayed.png
Krokotopia Deck Shop
Ahmir Fayed
Krokotopia - The Oasis - Krokotopia Deck Shop
Ahmir Fayed is the Krokotopia Deck Shop vendor, who has a favor to ask once you've completed the storyline quests in the Grand Arena.
Gives Quests
» Shop Shop 'Til You Drop
Quest Goals
Ends Quests
» Shop Shop Never Stop


Decks for Sale

Sorcerer's DeckBalance Balance1,400 GoldSorcerer's Deck
Necromancer's DeckDeath Death1,400 GoldNecromancer's Deck
Conjurer's DeckMyth Myth1,400 GoldConjurer's Deck
Theurge's DeckLife Life1,400 GoldTheurge's Deck
Diviner's DeckStorm Storm1,400 GoldDiviner's Deck
Thaumaturge's DeckIce Ice1,400 GoldThaumaturge's Deck
Pyromancer's DeckFire Fire1,400 GoldPyromancer's Deck
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