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(Location) Xibalba.png

Azteca - Xibalba (This is an Instance)

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Xibalba is the comet seen from almost every location in Azteca, and which Morganthe plans to use in her villainous plot. It is the final dungeon for this world, accessed via the quest Tall Enough to Meet the Sun. Wizards will encounter a twisted rendition of a familiar adversary here during the instance quest This Is the Way the World Ends.


  • This instance is repeatable.
  • This instance is a Gauntlet. Other Wizards will not be able to port in to this location.


(Map) Xibalba.png

Connects To

Twin Giants

Places of Interest



Creatures and Instance Description

Level 1: Yacate Farwalker (Xibalba), Goliath Crusher, Goliath Devastator, Goliath Devastator

The three Minions can include any combination of Goliath Crushers and Goliath Devastators.
Ku Bada and two Ghostly Aztecasaurs are chained up next to the Obsidian Fire Mirror.

Level 2: Skurkis Screaming Moon (Xibalba), Night Weaver, Shadow Weaver Glider, Shambling Zombie

Two duel spots will be occupied by any combination of Night Weavers and Shadow Weaver Gliders.
The final duel spot will always taken by a Shambling Zombie, as a Minion summoned by Skurkis.
Ku Kele and two Ghostly Aztecasaurs are chained up next to the Obsidian Storm Mirror.

Level 3: Huac Cries Blood, Grim Calaca, Moon Skull Wight, Moon Skull Wight

The three Minions can include any combination of Moon Skull Wights and Grim Calacas.
Ku Tu Yix, Iawi, and Tuia are chained up next to the Obsidian Ice Mirror.

Level 4: Malistaire the Undying, Xipe Flayed One, Youala Night Drinker, Grim Calaca

A Teleporter to "Leave Xibalba" will appear after the duel.

Reagents Harvested Here

Normal Harvest
Rare Harvest

Locked Chests Here

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Fish Caught Here

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Fish Chest Items Found Here

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Housing Items
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Pet Snacks
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