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Location:Winterdeep Warren

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(Location) Winterdeep Warren.png

Grizzleheim - Winterdeep Warren (This is an Instance)

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In the northeast of this maze is a set another Rune Plaque (marked on map with circle) exactly like that contained in Helgrind Warren. The runic alphabet includes separate runes for capitals and is not one of the three alphabets inscribed in the Stone of Mazzaroth (unlike other Grizzleheim epigraphs, which are). The epigraph displays very basic capitalization (only four words) and punctuation, and includes one grammatical error. Reads:
The Wisdom of the Sword
Strong steel can win a warrior great glory but honor with which he treats foes and friends will win him renown
honor is the shield that defies daggers and sway (sic) swords - honor is wealth that cannot be taken but is easily lost
The book, The Power of the Runes, for the quest The Lore of the Runes can be found here.


(Map) Winterdeep Warren.png

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No NPCs are reported here

Reagents Harvested Here

Normal HarvestRare Harvest

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