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Location:Upper Zigazag

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(Location) Upper Zigazag.png

Krokotopia - Upper Zigazag

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The following quote is courtesy of KingsIsle:

Some time ago, a Wizard recovered a hieroglyph key after defeated dark forces that had invaded Briskbreeze Tower. Now Alhazred and his assistant, Aleema, believe this key is the, well, key to unlocking a dark omen. However, dangerous thugs have overrun the Krokotopian village of Zigazag, where Aleema is conducting her research. Alhazred sends the Wizard to protect Aleema from the thugs and help her with her investigation, which points to the topsy-turvy House of Scales, a great looming monument said to be the gateway to the underworld!

The introductory quest to this challenge area is Prospector Express, offered by Alhazred to Wizards level 60 and up.


(Map) Upper Zigazag.png

Connects To

School of Balance
Lower Zigazag

Places of Interest



Reagents Harvested Here

Normal HarvestRare Harvest

Fish Caught Here

Fish Chest Items Found Here

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