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Location:Triton Avenue

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(Location) Triton Avenue.png

(Location) Triton Avenue (Classic).png

Wizard City - Triton Avenue

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As the central and first of the Three Streets leading from Olde Town, this Avenue is part of the free-to-play access of the game. Triton Avenue is experiencing issues like the rest of Wizard City. Various Wizards have been attempting to investigate the goings-on, and one of them, Artur Gryphonbane greets Wizards with a plea for help to locate his sister, Suzie Gryphonbane. They soon discover that she been kidnapped by dark forces, and the Creatures of the street are acting very strangely. It's up to Wizards and fellow student Duncan Grimwater to find the reasons for these strange events and put a stop to them while also freeing Suzie.

The Resonating Omni Audio-Graph can be found next to the Four Falls Mill as part of the quest Strange Frequencies. Teleporters now link the Avenue's Entrance with Four Falls Mill and Galvanost Tower, situated near the far end and the entrance to the Haunted Cave. Crab Alley is a premium underwater area, which can be accessed via the giant rope on the near river bank once Wizards reach Level 12.


(Map) Triton Avenue.png

Connects To

Olde Town
Haunted Cave
Crab Alley

Places of Interest



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