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(Location) Tartarus.png

Wizard City - Tartarus (This is an Instance)

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Before becoming known as Tartarus, this was once a lively City known as Pompeii. However, as the people of Pompeii became disrespectful and neglectful of the Immortals, Hades destroyed the city. In Greek Mythology, Tartarus is the deepest part of the Underworld and Pompeii was a city destroyed by a now dormant volcano.

This area is the Final Dungeon of the Immortal Games in Aquila. Once Wizards reach the end, they are faced with not only Hades the Unseen, but both of his brothers, Zeus and Poseidon, alongside him. This time, they will not hold back, or give up willingly. Before Wizards can face these intense Immortals however, they must prove that they can reach them. However, the pathway to these Gods is treacherous, dangerous, and incredibly difficult. Wizards must help a Gorgon with some mending, defeat a Minotaur and a Satyr who work to prevent them from reaching Hades, and a special little Guard Dog who will not let them sneak by so easily.

Three housing items can be found in Tartarus: Underworld Brazier, Ember Stone of Tartarus, and Hades the Unseen Mural.


(Map) Tartarus.png

Connects To

Garden of Hesperides

Places of Interest



Creatures and Instance Description

Level 1: Death Satyr, Anguished Woodman, Lamenting Sprite, Night Imp
Level 2: Death Minotaur, Ill-Fated Serpentine, Ill-Fated Serpentine, Ill-Fated Serpentine
Level 3: Stheno
             You only face Stheno if you fail to recreate her Urn.
Level 4: Cerberus (Balance), Cerberus (Fire), Cerberus (Myth)
Level 5: Hades the Unseen (Tartarus), Poseidon Earth-Shaker (Tartarus), Zeus Sky Father (Tartarus)
             The Final Boss of Tartarus.

Reagents Harvested Here

Normal HarvestRare Harvest

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