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Location:Sunken City

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(Location) Sunken City.png

Wizard City - Sunken City (This is an Instance)

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Sunken City is considered one of the most difficult instances in Wizard City. The official game texts states that it will take roughly an hour and a half to complete but less time if you go in with friends. Instead of the normal ratios of one player to one opponent or one player to two opponents, the ratio will often be one player to three opponents and more than one player to 4 opponents.

Unlike normal areas, sidewalks should not be considered safe here. Stay as far away from the road as possible. A key factor in beating Sunken City is to avoid battles that are not necessary, and to have all players fighting in any battles that occur. Without unity, players will likely be defeated and if all the players are defeated at the same time, they will be forced to restart. Marking is highly recommended.

Grubb's Chest appears after defeating Grubb.


(Map) Sunken City.png

Connects To


Places of Interest



Reagents Harvested Here

Normal HarvestRare Harvest

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