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Location:School of Storm

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(Location) School of Storm.png

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Wizard City - Ravenwood - School of Storm

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The Storm School is run by Professor Halston Balestrom. The School's colors are purple and yellow while the gemstone is Amethyst. This is where Diviners train and receive Quests for learning new Storm Spells. This School is one of the three Elemental Schools, along with the Schools of Fire and Ice.

The following description is courtesy of KingsIsle's Wizard101 website:

"That which can be imagined, can be achieved."

Storm Magic is all about creativity. It represents that flash of insight, or the spark of inspiration that makes you yell, "Eureka!" It is about the pleasure of catching lightning in a bottle. Wizards that embrace the School of Storm, known as Diviners, are driven by the thrill of investigation and discovery, the joys of invention and ingenuity, the power of creating and building. The drawback to such pursuits is the tendency to get lost in the maze of thoughts and being paralyzed to make a decision. Diviners use Verses to charm, enthrall or hypnotize creatures to help them.

Storm Magic has roots in the power of the majestic Storm Lords, the race of Titans that ruled the seas in the Days Before.

The Storm School will train its student wizards to do a lot of damage. Storm Wizards have the ability to unleash high amounts of damage from an early level, which is good, but they place too much emphasis on power, and therefore suffer in terms of accuracy. They also have the least amount of base health points of any of the schools. When enemies cast damage buffs on themselves or damage reducers on a friendly player, storm wizards can remove those spells.

Storm Wizards are often Impulsive, Educated, Creative and Independent. Famous Diviners include Benjamin Franklin, Lady Circe, and Galileo. Storm Wizards are capable of devastating attacks, but have somewhat weaker defenses.


Before time as we know it, there existed the Tritons. They shared the universe with the Dragons and Giants. The Tritons ruled the seas and kept peace in the world, that is, until the Dragons and Giants began to scheme. When the attack happened, the Tritons were ready. They refused to fully destroy their enemy and so, fell into slumber as their price for mercy.

Today, the Storm elements still exist. Even now the more potent Storm Magic holds Fire and Ice at bay.... Under the guidance of Professor Halston Balestrom, great reforms have been made, formalizing many spells. The colors chosen for Diviner's are purple and yellow, while the Amethyst has been adopted as the gemstone.

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