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Location:Sanctum of the Stars

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(Location) Sanctum of the Stars.png

Celestia - Trial of the Spheres - Sanctum of the Stars (This is an Instance)

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The Sanctum of the Stars is the first area in the Trial of the Spheres. Wizards enter this dungeon from the sigil in Celestia Base Camp (near the entrance to the Crustacean Empire).

Three tests must be completed in the Sanctum of the Stars to activate a portal that leads to the Boss, Astraeus, and the Sanctum of the Moon.

  • Test of the Shining Stars
This test requires that the four Star Orbs all shine at the same time. The Star Orbs are linked together, so lighting one may activate or deactivate others. Below is the correct order in which this should be done:
  1. Activate the North Star Orb
  2. Activate the South Star Orb
  3. Activate the East Star Orb
  4. Activate the West Star Orb
  • Test of Constellation
This test requires three different colored stars to align with the Star Chalice. Activate the Green Console, Red Console, and Yellow Console in any order to accomplish this task.
  • Test of Vision
This test requires all four Stone Heads to face the Star Chalice they surround. Keep activating each Stone Head until its eyes are looking at the Star Chalice (they will begin to glow).


  • Astraeus' Chest will appear after defeating Astraeus.

Map Location

(Map) Sanctum of the Stars.png

Connects To

Trial of the Spheres

Creatures and Tower Description

Level 1: Stellar Protectors wander the middle of the sanctum.
Level 2: Astraeus, Ptolemos (Rank 6 Minion)


No NPCs are reported here

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