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Location:Royal Airship

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(Location) Royal Airship.png

Marleybone - Barkingham Palace - Royal Airship

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The Royal Airship is entered via the Rooftop, and is considered part of that instance. Wizards board it during the instance quest The Adventure of the Queen's Jewels in pursuit of the Queen's kidnapper.

Map Location

(Map) Royal Airship.png

Connects To

Barkingham Palace

Creatures and Tower Description

Level 1: Mister Utterson, Mister Poole
             A Lanyon Scratcher and an Enfield Trickster appear if more than two Wizards are present.
Level 2: Union Jack Golem
             The Union Jack Golem will only appear if Wizards fail to complete the lever puzzle found on this floor.
Level 3: Doctor Jackall, Lanyon Scratcher, Lanyon Scratcher, Lanyon Scratcher


Reagents Harvested Here

Normal HarvestRare Harvest

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