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(Location) Ravenwood.png

(Location) Ravenwood (Classic).png

Wizard City - Ravenwood

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Ravenwood serves as the main campus for the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts and is the heart of Wizard City. The Latin motto for Ravenwood, Veneficus Iunctum, En Magus Nos Fides, translates to "Wizards Unite, In Magic We Trust".

Five out of the seven schoolhouses for each core branch of magic surround the grandfather tree, Bartleby. Former Death professor Malistaire Drake caused the Death schoolhouse to be ripped from the campus grounds. Though Arthur Wethersfield offers assistance to the new Balance students, he is not the true Balance professor. The School of Balance and professor are located outside the world of Wizard City. Each schoolhouse that is present is also accompanied by its own school tree. The student dormitories are located to the left and right of the entrance.

Special Events:

  • Once Wizards reach Level 12, Monstrologist Burke will inform Wizards that the Monstrology elective has become available. Burke can be found outside the Myth School Tower.
  • Professor Wu offers the Gardening elective at Level 12.
  • Simeon, outside the boys' dormitory, will inform Wizards that reach Level 15 that they can purchase their own castle.
  • Once Wizards reach Level 30, Professor Drake will offer the opportunity to compete in the Immortal Games in Aquila.
  • During the month of October, the Hallowe'en dungeons will become available for trial.
  • During the Yuletide season, the Feasting Hall will become available behind the Ice School.


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