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Location:Olde Town

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(Location) Olde Town.png

(Location) Olde Town (Classic).png

Wizard City - Olde Town

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Next to The Commons, Olde Town is Wizard City's main hub of activity, with features that keep Wizards coming and going through the tiny little town. Hosting the popular Wizard City Bazaar, where Wizards can buy and sell a plethora of items and resources, and the Join A Team Kiosk, where other Wizards can give a hand to those in need, Olde Town serves as a place that helps bring the Ravenwood School's community even closer together. Prospector Zeke even used to set up shop in Olde Town before packing up and moving to The Commons. Aside from its internal features, Olde Town also serves as the waypoint that connects three of Wizard City's streets: Cyclops Lane, Triton Avenue, and Firecat Alley, where Wizards experience quite the adventure in their quest to save Wizard City.

In July of 2018, Renee Wooften and her construction crew finished renovating Olde Town along with their first major wave of Wizard City construction. Afterwards, she moved her team's central operations to Olde Town when they discovered a mysterious tunnel that was previously hidden.

In the Spring Update of 2022, a new Kiosk was added just inside the entrance to Cyclops Lane - the Social Kiosk.
When Wizards gain access to Olde Town, the Social Kiosk is available to find new friends and to join or share Adventure Parties. At least one Wizard on your account must be level 30 or higher.


(Map) Olde Town.png

Connects To

Shopping District
Cyclops Lane
Triton Avenue
Firecat Alley

Places of Interest



Reagents Harvested Here

Normal HarvestRare Harvest

Fish Caught Here

Fish Chest Items Found Here

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Wands Athames Amulets Rings Decks
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Housing Items Seeds
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Reagents Pet Snacks
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Pets Mounts
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