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Location:Kensington Park

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(Location) Kensington Park.png

Marleybone - Kensington Park (This is an Instance)

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Kensington Park is an instance that is widely considered to be the most difficult area in Marleybone, much like Sunken City is to Wizard City or the Tomb of the Beguiler is to Krokotopia. An average golem walking has a lot more health than normal Marleybone creatures and some of them have highly erratic patterns. There are also three-on-one duels. Battles are nearly unavoidable in some places.

The April 2013 game update removed 4 floors of creatures between the first and second Stoker encounters.

Stoker's lair is inside the factory warehouse at the end of Kensington Park, and consists of Stoker and a Creeper

One Creeper is added if two Wizards are present. Two are added if three or four Wizards are present

Stoker must be defeated twice to complete the instance.


(Map) Kensington Park.png

Connects To

Digmoore Station

Places of Interest



Reagents Harvested Here

Normal Harvest
Rare Harvest

Locked Chests Here

No Locked Chests are reported here

Fish Caught Here

No Fish are reported here

Fish Chest Items Found Here

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Housing Items
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Pet Snacks
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