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Location:Hamakala's Mausoleum

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(Location) Hamakala's Mausoleum.png

Krokotopia - Kembaalung Village - Hamakala's Mausoleum (This is an Instance)

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Also known as the Temple of Discord, Hamakala's Mausoleum is the tomb of the evil spirit, Hamakala, and the last obstacle on the path to Shangri-Baa.

This sublocation is the second, and final, area within Hollow Mountain, where George Beagle is being held captive, during the instance quest Harmony v. Discord.

The Hollow Mountain Wooden Key Room can be found in the first section of this area.

Map Location

(Map) Hamakala's Mausoleum.png

Connects To

Kembaalung Village

Creatures and Tower Description

Level 1: Hoof Ninja, Hoof Ninja
             Two more Hoof Ninjas appear if more than two Wizards are present.

             This sublocation is entered from Hollow Mountain.
             The Hollow Mountain Wooden Key Room can be found here.
Level 2: Zhu Wuneng, Hoof Ninja
             Two more Hoof Ninjas appear if more than two Wizards are present.
Level 3: Master Tonkatsu, Body Bowl, Mind Bowl, Spirit Bowl
             George Beagle is being held captive here.
             A Teleporter back to Kembaalung Village appears after the battle.


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