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(Location) Graveyard.png

Wizard City - Castle Darkmoor - Graveyard (This is an Instance)

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The Graveyard, also known as The Mausoleum, is the third and final dungeon in Castle Darkmoor. Wizards come here during the quest House of Mystery and Suspense, and instance quest The Sound of His Wings. There are three bosses in this area, including Malistaire the Undying.
There is one sublocation that is found within this instance:
A Gateway near the Graveyard dungeon sigil becomes available after completing the Upper Halls instance, and connects to the outside of Castle Darkmoor.
Castle Darkmoor Instances:

Map Location

(Map) Graveyard.png

Connects To

Castle Darkmoor

Creatures and Tower Description

Level 1: Yevgeny NightCreeper, Anguished Wraith (Ice), Anguished Wraith (Ice), Anguished Wraith (Ice)
             Note: The optional side boss, Aphrodite II, can be fought before or after the duel with Yevgeny NightCreeper (requires Gold Skeleton Key)
Level 2: Shane von Shane (Star), Darkmoor Serf, Darkmoor Serf, Darkmoor Gargoyle
Level 3: Malistaire the Undying (Shadow), Haunted Malistaire (2nd Form)
                Minions can be any combination of Draconian Pyromancers, Draconian Thaumaturges, Draconian Diviners,
                Draconian Conjurers, Draconian Theurgists, Draconian Necromancers, and Draconian Sorcerers.


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