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Location:Golem Tower

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(Location) Golem Tower.png

(Location) Golem Tower (Classic).png

Wizard City - Golem Court - Golem Tower

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Golem Tower is a structure that is located in Golem Court, Wizard City. The tower is in the location's center, and it is so tall that it can be seen from The Commons. It is an endurance run of 5 levels. Completing the Quests that are associated with this tower will grant Wizards the Golem Tower Champion badge.

This is the first Gauntlet that is encountered in Wizard101. There are many Gauntlets that Wizards will enter, where they will fight enemies on multiple levels to reach their objective. Golem Tower must be done alone, and leaving the tower at any time will cause it to reset. Wizards cannot teleport to anyone that is inside of Golem Tower.

Map Location

(Map) Golem Tower.png

Connects To

Golem Court

Creatures and Tower Description

Level 1: Wooden Construct
Level 2: Wooden Construct, Wooden Construct
Level 3: Clockwork Golem, Clockwork Golem
Level 4: Clockwork Golem, Clockwork Golem
Level 5: Iron Golem, Clockwork Golem


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