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Location:Ghost Avalon

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(Location) Ghost Avalon.png

Avalon - Ghost Avalon (This is an Instance)

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Ghost Avalon is the "Avalon of the Other Side." It exists in a time when Merle Ambrose still lived at the Court of King Artorius and apprenticed Young Morganthe. The Shrine to Justice in the Catacombs has been demolished, so you cannot complete your training to become a full-fledged Knight of the Silver Rose. The Lady of the Lake cleverly sends you here to Ghost Avalon to gain access to the Shrine in a time before it was destroyed.

This instance is a Gauntlet. Other Wizards will not be able to teleport into this location.

The Sigil and Team Up Kiosk name for this instance is "Mysterious Stairway".


(Map) Ghost Avalon.png

Connects To

Crystal Caves

Places of Interest



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