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(Location) Dormitory.png

(Location) Dormitory (Classic).png

Wizard City - Ravenwood - Dormitory

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Wizards' dormitories are where students at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts live until they are a high enough level to afford their own Castle. The boy's dormitory is to the right from the tunnel to The Commons, next to Torrence, and the girls' is to the left from the tunnel, next to Blossom. Boys cannot enter the girls' dormitory, and girls cannot enter the boys'.

This is the default destination if Wizards have no House equipped, and will be the place that they teleport to when clicking the Home button. This is convenient for coming back to Ravenwood to learn new Spells, restore Mana, or hand in School Quests. It's also a quick way to return to Wizard City after Wizards begins to journey to other worlds in the Spiral.

The interiors of both the boys' and girls' dorms are exactly the same, but can be personalized with decorations like any House or Castle. Wizards' dormitories don't count toward the 3 Castle maximum. Also found in dormitories, just like Castles, are a Bank and Attic which can be used to store items that Wizards don't wish to carry, or share them with other Wizards on an account.

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