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Location:Colossus Boulevard

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(Location) Colossus Boulevard.png

Wizard City - Colossus Boulevard

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After completing the Three Streets connecting to Olde Town, Merle Ambrose calls for help with a rising problem. Professor Greyrose sent in Gobblers to deal with the ghosts wandering and invading the innocent streets, however after summoning these creatures, they refused to leave. Wizards, teaming up with Mindy Pixiecrown, need to look for a solution to get these hungry pests to leave.

Colossus Boulevard is a little more difficult than the other streets in Wizard City. This is the first area Wizards can access that allows street battles to have more Creatures than Wizards (there can be one more creature than the number of Wizards in battle). There are still only four places for each side, so with four Wizards there can still only be four creatures, but if they are alone, they may find themselves facing up to two Gobblers or Evil Snowmen. The Creatures here are also a little bigger and badder! This area requires 750 crowns or a subscription to access.


(Map) Colossus Boulevard.png

Connects To

Shopping District

Teleporters To

Hildreth's Perch
Greebly's Garrison
Briskbreeze Tower

Places of Interest



Reagents Harvested Here

Normal Harvest
Rare Harvest

Locked Chests Here

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Fish Caught Here

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Fish Chest Items Found Here

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Housing Items
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Pet Snacks
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