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Location:Castle Darkmoor

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(Location) Castle Darkmoor.png

Wizard City - Castle Darkmoor

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The following description is courtesy of the Wizard101 website:
It is time to face the greatest of challenges and the deadliest of terrors – Malistaire the Undying has seated himself at the top of the grim, gothic fortress called Castle Darkmoor, and he has issued a challenge to Wizards level 100 and up to face him in this gauntlet of cold shadows and sinister traps. The monsters of Darkmoor take many faces and many forms. Will Wizards find any help here to survive the night, or will the children of darkness endlessly sing of the Wizards' failures?
Wizards enter Castle Darkmoor during the quest Dead Leaves. The lead-in quest, Branches of Woe, is offered by Dworgyn at level 100.
There are 3 instances in Castle Darkmoor:
A blue Gateway becomes available after completing the first Castle Darkmoor instance, and connects to another Gateway outside the Upper Halls instance.

A red Gateway becomes available after completing the Upper Halls instance, and connects to a Gateway outside the Graveyard instance.


(Map) Castle Darkmoor.png

Connects To


Places of Interest



Reagents Harvested Here

Normal HarvestRare Harvest

Fish Caught Here

Fish Chest Items Found Here

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